PUBLISHED: 7:22 PM 4 Nov 2016

Internal Revenue Service Now Believes Clinton Foundation Conducted MASS Tax Fraud


The evidence is building…

The campaign year will be remembered as one of accusations and scandals coming from every corner. A new investigation opens almost every day.

The Clinton campaign has its fair share of investigations, many of them intriguing and scandalous. The headlines command attention and give the voters a lot to weigh as Election Day draws near.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to most of us that Hillary has had trouble keeping her career clean. The charity organization that her family runs is no exception, either. In fact, it is operates just like a mob group.

Some of the investigations currently under way will not be finished before the election takes place. This does not mean they are not just as important to consider when you cast your vote. They may even be most important.

The Clintons have led their charity foundation into crime. They will continue to do the same in the White House.

The review of The Clinton Foundation and its tax problems began 4 month ago. The case is complex and involves rules that few outside the Tax Department could understand. However, there is no need to understand the intricate rules.

Biggest Ponzi Scheme In American Political History

Biggest Ponzi Scheme In American Political History

The Clinton Foundation is under investigation for tax fraud. Let’s try to break down exactly what that means for the Presidential hopeful.

First, the Foundation was originally set up to construct a library, maintain a historical site with records, and engage in study and research. IRS tax codes prohibit most overseas activity for this type of exempt foundation.

The Clinton Foundation never indicated intent to conduct activities outside the US. Why? Because they knew that would be illegal, which is why they never mentioned it.

Second, using a nonprofit group for personal enrichment, surprisingly enough, is illegal.

The Clinton Foundation boasts an 88% rate of donations spent on actual charitable work, a solid record. So clearly there isn’t money changing from hand to hand. The Clintons can do better than that.

Instead, the IRS is looking to see if the Clintons traded money for preferential treatment.

This Is Their Home, You Tell Me?

This Is Their Home, You Tell Me?

That is a familiar refrain for this family. Even senior Clinton advisers like Doug Bland call the crossing of the money between the foundation fundraising and the former president’s personal activities “Bill Clinton Inc.”.

There is no way to believe that Hillary is not doing the same for her campaigns. In most cases, we would see the IRS involvement as reassuring. The correct officials are in charge now, we will see the truth. The Clintons have proven time and again that they defy odds.

The IRS office conducting this part of the investigation is part of the larger Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division (TE/GE) office.

You guessed it; this office has been involved in scandals of favoritism before.

In 2011, Lois Lerner, the IRS’ head of TE/GE, pleaded the 5th and left her position after a scandal broke surrounding the denial of nonprofit exemptions to right-wing groups. The non-partisan government officials hired to protect the interests of the people are…bought?

The Democrats rarely let things like laws stand in their way. Perhaps Lerner was paid out of pocket money from the Clinton Foundation? A lawyer from a firm in Dallas that works with non-profit organizations says this is the appropriate agency to be handling the investigation.



Blind Leading The Stupid

Even he recognizes the problems though, “It boils down to the public trust,” Stoltz says. “This division is responsible for the integrity of the system. Americans donate more money to charity than anywhere else in the world. But for the public to donate, people have to believe that it’s legit.”

Bottom line, if you would like to rest easy knowing your money is not going to grease political wheels, steer clear of the Clinton Foundation.

That is not the bigger issue! This “charity” is run by a former President and his wife. The number of investigations on this woman are too many to keep track of. Every layer of dirt that we move out of the way uncovers another hidden body of corruption.

Can the American people really cast their vote for someone who will almost surely be indicted before her first term is up? We are stumbling blindly towards that conclusion if we don’t inform ourselves of all the parts involved. Will we stand by and let her hide behind her charitable work? Her claims of helping children, saving lives, doing good and so on.

Is it acceptable to steal and break numerous laws if you are doing some good at the same time? Would we let a kidnapper go unpunished if he said he was sorry? An arsonist leaving the scene of a fire helps someone across the street, is he ok? What about a bank robber who returns the money?



Don’t trust her words

An investigation by the IRS into her foundation is not a small thing. She is desperately corrupt down to her bones and she will not stop when she reaches the White House. We cannot give her the power to raise her art of crime to the level of President.

She is good, very good. Do not listen to what she says, look at what she does.

We would all love to see the conclusion of this before the election but that is just not possible. Give them time to do the job expose the depth of this scheme.

Most importantly, don’t let a woman who is about to be indicted for tax fraud become our next President.

On November 8th, we drain the swamp and free our country of this corruption!