PUBLISHED: 4:17 PM 6 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 5:52 PM 6 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Intelligence Service KNEW, Report Shows Gross Neglect Permitted Terror Attack Deaths

Rudd (pictured) is demanding answers to how so much was missed.

Rudd (pictured) is demanding answers to how so much was missed.

When someone is hired as part of the M15, it means that the public trust has been given to them in such a monumental way that it simply is impossible to overstate. This is why the news published by the Daily Mail saying that those charged with keeping the people safe “missed vital clues in the days leading up to several of the terror atrocities that have hit Britain this year,” it is nothing short of devastating.

It is said that at least thirty-five people who perished “at Manchester, London Bridge and Westminster” may still likely be with us this Christmas season if a more thorough job had been done. Likewise, authorities had ample information about the “Manchester bomber Salman Abedi” for months prior to him slaughtering children in cat ears at an Ariana Grande concert.

The review makes it clear that “had its true significance been properly understood,” that incident could have been halted before it even began. The killer was due to meet with authorities a week after the misery that he brought to that performance, and many people are demanding to know why.

The worst horrors imaginable happened because M15 did not do their jobs very well.

Khuram Butt is said to have “scoped out the bridge” long before he used his vehicle to kill innocent, also.

It is conceivable that the Manchester attacks, in particular, might have been averted had the cards fallen differently,” admitted one of the reviewers, Mr. Anderson.

Adebi was jaunting back and forth to Libya and was causing alarm due to his actions while there. Still, he was allowed all of the time that he needed to bring his terror to life.

A “lack of resources” stopped the Butt’s investigation, so clearly, the leadership is failing, starting from the very top. Regarding this, the report says, “From mid-2015 until the date of the attack, Khuram Butt was the principal subject of Operation Hawthorn, an MI5 investigation which was opened following information suggesting that he aspired to conduct an attack in the UK.”

Rachid Redouane (pictured) was a “failed asylum seeker.”

It adds, “From late 2015 to early 2016 there was no further indication of attack-planning, and Khuram Butt appeared to be disengaging from former associates in ALM (banned organization Al-Muhajiroun). His focus seemed to be moving towards overseas travel, including potentially to Syria to fight with Daesh (ISIS).

WHAT? When has any terrorist “disengaged” from a plot while when as deeply entrenched as he was? Did they think that he suddenly saw the light and was a peaceful Christian, pious, and kind?

On 21 March 2017, prior to the Westminster attack on the following day, investigation of Khuram Butt was suspended. Investigation of the other SOIs (subjects of interest) investigated under the operation had been suspended the previous week due to resourcing constraints brought on by a large number of P1 (high priority) investigations,” the review also finds.

We all know what happened next as a result of this oversight.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said, “In the case of London Bridge, Khuram Butt was an active subject of interest who had been under investigation since mid-2015. A number of different investigative means were deployed against him, but they did not reveal his plans. His two conspirators had never been investigated by MI5 or CT policing.”

Youssef Zaghba (pictured), a known extremist and radical Islamist.

“She adds, “In regards to Finsbury Park, neither MI5 nor the police had any intelligence about this attack. Taken as a whole, MI5 and CT policing conclude they could not, quote, ‘find any key moments where different decisions would have made it likely that they could have stopped any of the attacks.”

More funding and better “resourcing” is called for, but let us be real for a moment. There is no shortage of people who think that many of these attacks are being allowed to happen in order for us to beg for relief from a problem that was allowed to take root by design.

While this may sound like a conspiracy theory, is it any more of a stretch than to assume that the government of the U.K. (and the West in general) does not have enough dollars on hand to have properly stopped many of these attacks if they really wanted to?

If so, maybe we need to close the borders and save some money.

Sources: The Daily Mail – Teddy Stick