IG Report Ready

PUBLISHED: 4:19 PM 30 May 2018

Inspector General’s Report On Clinton Investigation Ready For Release

The investigation has taken months and involved dozens of interviews and hundreds of thousands of documents.

Democrats are terrified as the Inspector General prepares to release his thorough report on the failures of the Barack Obama administration to effectively prosecute Hillary Clinton.

One of the most important tasks that the Office of the Inspector General, a subdivision of the Department of Justice, has had since President Donald Trump came to power was the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s treatment during the ‘email server’ investigation. Inspector General Michael Horowitz has spent months looking at the way the Federal Bureau of Investigation handled the matter, and his report is ready for release. It could be coming as soon as tomorrow or Friday.

Senator Chuck Grassley has scheduled a hearing for the report. Many on the right are excited to see the fireworks that will follow the findings given the IG’s reputation.

Senator Grassley, a republican from Iowa, is also the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. In that capacity, he set a hearing for June 5, to examine the findings in Horowitz’s report on the FBI’s scandalously mishandled investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server.

That means that, at latest, the much-awaited report should be ready for distribution to the public no later than Monday, June 5, but it could be sooner.

The report has been circulating around the DoJ, the FBI, and Capitol Hill for three weeks, when it was sent out in ‘draft’ format for comment, so that the government agencies involved could attach letters in response to the findings.

As of now, there are no witnesses listed for the June 5, event. There is only a vague description, concerning the intent of the hearing to examine Clinton-related bias in the way the federal government and the James Comey-led Bureau handled the investigation.

For those hoping that the hearing will involve a wide-ranging discussion on the way that Barack Obama’s government behaved, including the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ spying on President Donald J. Trump’s campaign and the myriad abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and its related courts, they will have to wait a while longer.

This report is specifically about the email server investigation. Issues like Uranium One, ‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ and possible abuses by the Obama government in the name of harassing President Trump and his campaign will be reviewed in another investigation that IG Horowitz is currently performing.

However, it is likely that the Senate Judiciary Committee will call on Horowitz to explain his findings, and to defend the work he did in order to arrive at the conclusions that the report involves.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t likely to be some sort of important information about the misdeeds of the Clintons and the Obama administration, however. Horowitz has had a long career, and he is known for a ‘hard-hitting’ style, light on fluff and nonsense.

This report could very well show evidence that Comey and his FBI minions exerted undue influence to make sure that Hillary Clinton wasn’t even charged with the crime she allegedly committed.

After all, her email server had classified documents stored on it, and that is enough to convict a person of mishandling such information.

Many republicans are hoping that the report, which seems poised for release in the near future (and perhaps as early as tomorrow or Friday), will be just a taste of what is coming from the Inspector General.

It will be interesting to see how members of the Democrat Party react in the next day or two to the news that the report is coming out soon, as well.

They have already seen the report, after all, and they know how damaging it can be for them and for their party.

It’s about time the American people find out precisely why the Hillary Clinton investigation ended the way that it did.

Multiple incidents occurred during the process that led to, at very least, the appearance of impropriety, if not worse.

For example, shortly before it was announced that she would not be indicted, Bill Clinton met with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

According to both, the meeting was completely innocent, but that seems strangely coincidental given the surrounding circumstances.

Further, a Clinton affiliate, Governor McAuliffe of Virginia, provided $500,000 to the political campaign of Andrew McCabe’s wife. McCabe was Comey’s second-in-command, and it could easily have been some sort of quid pro quo exchange to help ensure Hillary Clinton’s campaign wouldn’t end with her sitting in a prison cell.

It sounds like answers to these questions, and many more, are just a few days away. It will be interesting to see what Horowitz found, or if he is too entrenched in the deep state to be trusted to investigate fairly.