FBI Out of Control

PUBLISHED: 6:22 PM 6 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 6:23 PM 6 Jun 2018

Inspector General Report Finds Shocking Misconduct At FBI

The report suggested that the FBI's leadership repeatedly ignored procedures and simply did what it wanted

It seems that Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report might just prove President Trump was right about the way that the FBI abused its authority and acted as an insubordinate agency.

James Comey has been repeatedly implicated in events that have the appearance of impropriety. The former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was allegedly a big player in various ‘deep state’ attempts to undermine President Donald Trump, but there’s much more to the story.

According to ‘sources’ familiar with the draft report recently issued by the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector GeneralComey’s actions are even worse. Allegedly, the Inspector General explicitly describes the former director and his behavior as ‘insubordinate,’ and exposes that his ‘higher loyalty’ may be a party loyalty, not to serve the United States. Basically Comey did whatever he wanted, despite orders. Perhaps now, it’s finally time for indictments of various ‘deep state’ members.

In the draft report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz allegedly declared that the former FBI head acted outside his role. One source directly mentioned the word ‘insubordinate,’ while another source agreed that the document suggested that his behavior was such, though they couldn’t recall if that was the exact word used to describe it or not.

This revelation is not unexpected, though it does suggest that Donald Trump and his campaign were right in saying that Comey attempted to undermine him and the validity of the election, and that the organization was essentially disregarding orders.

The former Bureau director’s leadership was repeatedly questioned, as was his failure to listen to requests or objections from superiors at the Department of Justice.

One major thing that Comey was faulted for was his handling of the Clinton investigation, and the way that he went on television to state that the investigation ended.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein criticized the move, saying that it was incorrect for the director to usurp the authority of the Attorney General (at the time, Loretta Lynch) when he announced that the FBI would not be suggesting any charges in the Hillary Clinton email server investigation.

In a letter he wrote to Donald Trump, which recommended firing Comey, Rosenstein pointed out that it is not the proper function of the Director of the FBI to make that kind of proclamation, or to do it in such a public venue.

According to the Department of Justice, the most that he should have done was state that the investigation was done and the findings had been turned over to federal prosecutors.

Horowitz’s report also pointed out that Comey took many liberties when he went on TV in an attempt to clear Hillary Clinton’s name a few short months before the presidential election.

In his appearance, he said that there was no ‘clear’ evidence that Clinton ‘intended’ to violate the law, before going on to say that she had still be ‘careless’ in how she handled classified materials.

He also said that he did not communicate with the Justice Department before appearing on national news.

Of course, that claim fits in nicely with the fact that shortly before Comey’s July 5, 2016 appearance, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch had publicly declared that she would accept the recommendations of the FBI, whatever they may be.

She had to do this because she was caught in an ‘unplanned’ meeting with former president Bill Clinton in a private jet tarmac. This revelation raised legitimate questions about whether she would, or even could, be honestly unbiased.

According to sources, Attorney General Lynch also received her fair share of criticism in the IG’s report.

To defend his actions, James Comey later claimed that he broke with FBI tradition and policy in order to separate himself, and the agency, from the DOJ and Lynch’s appearance of impropriety.

The draft report also criticized a number of other actions by the law enforcement agency and its leadership, including how the director and his minion, Andrew McCabe, mishandled the revelation that Huma Abedin’s laptop contained evidence likely related to the investigation.

Specifically, Horwitz criticized the FBI for ‘sitting’ on the laptop for weeks before investigating its contents and issuing a report.

The report also mentioned how McCabe was fired for being less than honest, or ‘lacking in candor’ concerning continuous leaks to the press.

This seems like a good beginning to unraveling the web of secrecy and deceit that the deep state utilized in order to undermine the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s leadership and victory in the election.

It will be interesting to see the entire report, which will likely be fully released soon, and to see what it says about misdeeds at the FBI and DOJ as a whole.