Testimony Postponed

PUBLISHED: 10:20 PM 7 May 2018
UPDATED: 11:29 PM 7 May 2018

Inspector General Delays Testimony As New Information In Clinton Case Found

Everyone is expecting he’ll find ‘bias,’ but it could be much worse for deep state players.

Serious questions have been raised about especially “biased” treatment given to Hillary Clinton by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The nation will have to wait a little longer before Inspector General Michael Horowitz gets to testify in front of Congress, but the good news is that he has “new leads” to pursue in the Clinton email scandal. He wrote to the House Oversight Committee on April 23, asking to cancel his testimony because his team discovered “potentially important additional information and documents.”

Serious questions have been raised about especially “biased” treatment given to Hillary Clinton by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Justice Department’s branch of her “fan club” cleared her of all charges related to her secret email server before they even interviewed her. All the classified State Department memos that were wiped away with “bleach-bit” were trivial indiscretions at worst, the FBI concluded.

The committee’s chairman graciously allowed Horowitz some elbow room and postponed the proceeding originally scheduled for May 8. “It is of the utmost importance that your review be as fulsome, complete, and unimpeded as possible,” Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) replied.

The highest-ranking administrators of Obama’s Justice Department and even cabinet-level advisers are accused of abusing their power. Washington, D.C. liberals are bracing themselves for the “bias,” Horowitz is expected to find and are horrified that it might be much worse. Deep state players may be in deep doo-doo.

“It’s pretty clear that Horowitz is going to find some kind of bias in the way the FBI and other agencies treated investigations of Clinton’s e-mail mess,” a New York Post columnist wrote. “Probably a lot of bias,” John Crudele added.

It is possible that former-President Obama himself could be indicted for his role. Just like Nixon’s Watergate, Obama seems to have directed the weaponization of the Justice Department for political gain.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee funded Christopher Steele’s “dirty dossier.” The FBI used it to get wiretaps on Trump Tower. Word around the campfire is that Obama himself was listening to transcripts of the tapped calls.

Then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a secret meeting with Bill Clinton on a Phoenix runway to discuss the “grandkids.” Days later, Hillary Clinton was cleared of all charges.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein assured the public that even though top DOJ officials are being investigated for bias, the inspector general’s findings will be “unbiased.”

“Within the next few weeks, I anticipate that our inspector general will complete a comprehensive, fair and nonpartisan report that answers many questions about how the Department of Justice handled a high-profile investigation during the last presidential campaign,” he vows.

He is already expecting it to say some embarrassing things about his department. “We will learn from it, and our department will do better in the future.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions acknowledges that everyone on Capitol Hill has been asking him to appoint a Mueller-like special counsel but insists that the probe must be handled “by the book,” even if it slows things down.

In order for any resulting corruption-related criminal charges to be expected to “stick,” there has to be a clear and methodical investigation, Sessions explains, and the Inspector General is the one most suited to conduct it. Michael Horowitz and his team have been on the job since the beginning of the year.

As recently demonstrated by the report IG Horowitz released on Andrew McCabe, once the internal investigation is complete, any criminal wrongdoing is immediately handed over for criminal prosecution.

“We concluded that McCabe’s decision to confirm the existence of the [Clinton Foundation] Investigation through an anonymously sourced quote, recounting the content of a phone call with a senior Department official in a manner designed to advance his personal interests at the expense of Department leadership, was clearly not within the public interest exception,” Horowitz found.

The inspector’s report blasted McCabe for inappropriately leaking sensitive information to the press, then “knowingly and intentionally” lying to cover it up. Because that is a crime which can lead to five years in federal prison, a “referral” was sent over to the U.S. attorney’s office, recommending the criminal charges be filed.

Mr. Horowitz also has been keeping in touch with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). He sent an update last month to him also, advising his investigation was taking a little longer than expected because since it started, his team discovered “potentially important additional information and documents that recently came to our attention.”

Horowitz anticipated releasing his report this month. There has not been an updated time frame on the report so it is still expected by the end of May, even with the newly discovered information. The door was left open on the subject though. “my expectation is that we will issue our report in May, absent any new developments.”

Rep. Gowdy is much more concerned that Horowitz is comfortable with the completeness of his investigation before he appears in front of the committee. In his letter granting the postponement, Gowdy explained he would like Horowitz to appear “as close to the day the report is finalized as is practicable.”