Hannity Rising Role

PUBLISHED: 2:08 PM 20 Apr 2018

Insiders Say Sean Hannity Is Basically Chief Of Staff

The link between the President and Sean Hannity is enough to fuel speculation.

According to the liberal outlet, the president calls Hannity several times per week to discuss different matters, including specifics of presidential tweets, policies, and personnel issues.

On Wednesday, the Washington Post published a controversial article in which it claimed that some staffers in the White House consider Fox News host Sean Hannity as President Donald Trump’s unofficial chief of staff. Naturally, not only is this really outrageous claim that promises to raise a huge controversy, it shows the depths of corruption that still exist in Washington.

According to the liberal outlet, the president calls Hannity several times per week to discuss different matters, including specifics of presidential tweets, policies, and personnel issues.

In fact, The Post pointed out that one presidential adviser who decided to stay anonymous explained that Hannity “basically has a desk in the place.”

Furthermore, the article said that some aides think of the Fox News host as the president ‘s “shadow” chief of staff, to the point in which he is allegedly more influential than White House official chief of staff John Kelly.

Apparently, this situation has created some problems between President Trump and Kelly, who allegedly complains that Hannity’s influence is making a lot of damage to his position in the White House.

The liberal outlet pointed out that the revelation in federal court this week that Hannity is also a client of the president’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen – who is under criminal investigation-, further illustrates the Fox News host’s close ties to the U.S. commander in chief.

According to different reports, while the two have been close since the height of the 2016 presidential election, their relationship has grown tighter than ever over the last few months.

Providing information about the relationship to The Post, President Trump’s former deputy campaign manager David Bossie said that during the heat of the campaign when relationships are forged, Hannity was always there, offering really good advice in person and on TV.

Additionally, Bossie told the liberal outlet that President Trump sees the Fox News host as a really smart and articulate spokesman for the agenda he tries to push.

In the article, The Post noted that some of the most loyal allies of President Trump consider that Hannity is one of just a handful of people who has the ability to speak candidly with the president and debate him on certain issues as an equal.

After the story was published, some analysts explained that the relationship between the Fox News host and the president of the United States is symbiotic.

Basically, while Hannity provides the president the greatest access to an audience of three million nightly views and keeps him tuned in to his base, President Trump directs his supporters to watch the show.

In addition to this opinion, the conversation about whether Hannity actually has this level of influence in the White House or not got divided in two fronts.

On one hand, there was the faction that claimed it was a complete lie, nothing more than a political hit job from the liberal media.

Basically, the argument was that amid the Michael Cohen scandal and how it was revealed that Hannity was one of his clients, the Washington Post is now trying to make a huge connection between him and President Trump in order to increase the controversy and create political damage.

On the other hand, many liberal figures claimed that it is quite possible that the article tells the truth, considering the way the president watches Fox News and his well-known relationship with Hannity.

Regarding this issue, one of the most interesting opinions came from CNN political contributor and former counselor to the president in the Bill Clinton White House Paul Begala.

During Anderson Cooper’s show, he explained that it shouldn’t be a controversy the possibility that the president seeks advice from the Fox News host since he pointed out that this is a normal practice in almost every single administration.

Believe it or not, he revealed that this alleged situation also took place during the presidency of Barack Obama, who was known for having reunions with different members of the mainstream media to discuss political issues and to know their opinion. In addition, Begala said that this is something that also took place during the presidency of Bill Clinton.

According to him, if what the Washington Post reported is true, it wouldn’t be a bad move from President Trump since he explained that it is always healthy to look for certain opinions outside the White House and the political structure.

Moreover, Begala said that if the president has someone who he can trust and who shares the same political views, is not exactly the craziest thing in the world that he wants some advice from that person.