Mayor’s Wife In Charge

PUBLISHED: 11:26 PM 6 Mar 2018

Insiders Reveal De Blasio’s Wife “Very Powerful” Despite No Official Position

One stated she was involved in every decision.

Loving wife or successor?

There are some who might say that Hillary Clinton has already been in control of the country even though she didn’t get elected president. While in the White House as the first lady and then again as Obama’s secretary of state, she was highly influential. More than that though, her work with multiple administrations was preparation for the (incorrect) assumption that she would be president.

It appears that a Clinton-like takeover is underway in the liberal haven of New York City by the mayor’s wife. Chirlane McCray is the wife of Mayor Bill de Blasio. According to sources, she has a lot of control over policy in the city, to say the least.

She is not an official member of the mayor’s cabinet but it would be difficult to discern that by de Blasio’s actions. A good example occurred during the announcement of the new school chancellor;

“I want to thank Chirlane for the many, many hours she has put in this effort,” de Blasio stated. He then remembered to add the actual lawmakers;

“I want to thank First Deputy Mayor Dean Fuleihan, as well. The three of us acted as a team.’’

A source familiar with McCray’s role told reporters;

“There’s a concerted effort to get her as much exposure as possible. There’s a clear understanding . . . that these are joint announcements, and Chirlane is going to have a presence and a voice every time one of these appointments is being made.”

Democratic political consultant George Artz was willing to say;

“She’s very powerful now, and I think she’ll become even more visible. Certainly, there has never been anyone like her in city government.”

The mayor’s press secretary Eric Phillips admitted the same but seemed to be defensive about it. When asked about her involvement in the recent decision he responded;

“She’s not only at all the big announcements. She’s involved in all the big decisions.”

De Blasio himself dismissed any criticism of he and his wife’s actions and her involvement in the administration. He did so in a typical liberal fashion;

That is “the most idiotic thing I ever heard in my life. It smacks of sexism.”

The facts don’t lie, however. McCray was involved in 82 meetings, phone calls, and public events with Mayor de Blasio during his first two years in office. Over the second two years that participation quadrupled to 342 internal meetings and public events.

In addition, she has taken 6 solo trips out of the city that were billed to the taxpayers. Two of those occurred since the first of the year. Either she is part of the administration despite de Blasio’s protests or they are defrauding the taxpayers.

The situation will develop and it would not be surprising if we hear Chirlane McCray announced as a candidate sooner rather than later.

Source: New York Post