Inmate Hires Hitman

PUBLISHED: 11:44 PM 31 Jan 2018

Inmate Accused Of Trying To Hire Hitman, Judge Was Target

The other people involved deny there was any plot.

One man who sent murder codes over the phone may never get out of prison now.

It is the oldest attempt in the book, and yet many criminals think that judges don’t have ample eyes and ears everywhere watching for if a suspect attempts to have them killed. It would seem obvious to anyone who has ever read the newspaper or heard Edward Snowden speak that such notions are the stuff of mystery fiction, yet the ploy has resurfaced again in Florida.

As reported, Florida is looked at one of the worst places to live in all 50 states, and this child porn case won’t help their image any. Robert Anthony O’Hare, 56, while being housed as an “inmate at the Lake County Jail,” began sending coded messages in numerical code on the phone. The purpose, according to the affidavit, was to “to hire a man nicknamed ‘the Rabbi’ to kill the judge on his case,” MSN News reveals.

The harebrained scheme was exposed and O’Harewas arrested Monday on a charge of solicitation to commit murder against Judge Don F. Briggs.” This is the judge who had just given the not so clever dialer 20-years in behind bars on January 7th for child pornography charges.

Making the case more perplexing is the fact that the man who O’Hare was attempting to hire claims to not know anything about the plot. “I’m 75 years old, blind in one eye and have a cataract in the other,” said Albert Bowman. “I don’t think I’d hire me as a killer.

The elderly man also said that never got paid anything, so either he is lying or O’Hare just got played like a new fiddle.

I hope someone would look at my bank account. It’s pretty drained right now,” admitted the man who some suspected of being a hitman. “This whole thing right from the get-go is something that doesn’t make any sense.

Adding no clarity to the situation is the convicted’s mother, Virginia O’Hare. She says the numbers being put into the phone were Bible verses! “These are absolutely bogus charges,” Ms. O’Hare declared. “My son never, ever in a million years would do something like that.”

Considering what he was initially charged with, there are a lot of people who are questioning just what her son is capable of and willing to do, despite her claims to the contrary.

Police say that O’Hare called his mother to meet with Bowman, a man whom he called, “the Rabbi,” to wish him a “happy birthday.” He also asked his mother if she had a pencil handy.

Much to his chagrin, it seems that monitors are listening to the call he did.

The message that they translated said, “kill Briggs.” She was told to deliver the message to Bowman and she later informed her son that he “knows what you want … but he can’t do it because he’s just a ‘Rabbi.‘”

Mrs. O’Hare denies the meeting in total.

Not only did her son’s computer have over 50 images of underage girls on it, but he also had an “elaborate telescope and camera system” which he used to film the minor girl living near him undressing.

Last year, this foul man was found to have been “putting hidden cameras inside miniature jukeboxes” and then giving the cameras to children, too. He then recorded those kids within their own homes.

Such a man is someone who may have tried to kill the judge. The facts found in the decoding seem to bear that out. This means that what started out as a possible life sentence for O’Hare (in terms of likely years left to live) is going to turn into a certain life sentence after this blunderous move.

Some people just never learn.

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