Info Site Down

PUBLISHED: 6:11 PM 15 Aug 2018

InfoWars Gets Knocked Offline After Mysterious Crash

This was timed just as Alex Jones was winning the numbers war against his silencers.

It seems very odd that InfoWars would experience a mysterious crash as the network battles for its very life.

Just yesterday, it was confirmed that Alex Jones and his InfoWars empire was winning the war against those who are banning him from their platforms. Just as the traffic to his site soared without the help of Facebook, Google, or others, New Wars has written that the webpage which is run by Mr. Jones mysteriously went black.

On Tuesday, InfoWars was down, the victim of “a suspected DDOS cyber attack targeting critical Infowars infrastructure.” The I.T. staff at the news outlet reported that “one of multiple servers was inexplicably kicked offline.” Twenty different platforms have already come together like some horrible political Voltron to stop his message from getting out. If they can do it to him, they can do it anyone, controlling the public sentiment.

This crash seems to be attempting to silence the information that comes out of InfoWars.

Already, according to a tweet thread found on the Correct Views, one user implied that Alex Jones did not really penetrate the Bohemian Grove, a secret club of powerful men that formed in 1972. At least five U.S. presidents have been members.

Thankfully, Jones seems to have had a “Plan B” already in place, perhaps suspecting what the logical next step was going to be for those who aim to hush him and his empire. While the site was down, a page redirected users “to and the Alex Jones twitter page.”

Just the same, it would appear that the Deep State or other people and entities targeted by Jones speaks are trying to silence him. On his show in the past, he has suggested that these powers would like him dead, but if they were to kill him, he would blossom in popularity in ways that would make things even worse for his high-positioned detractors.

Furthermore, Jones has already put into place a very well established, popular crew, who have a large following in their own right.

Just the same, while no news agency is right 100% of the time, maybe the attacks on Jones will continue to increase his outreach.

After all, many of his enemies are working to smear President Donald Trump, promote the one world precepts of the United Nations, and further controversial “global warming” theories.

If InfoWars stands against that nonsense, then no wonder they want him muzzled.