Obama Ignored Evidence

PUBLISHED: 4:25 PM 27 Mar 2018

Informant Gave FBI Evidence Russia Aided Iran Nuclear Program During Obama Era

An FBI informant provided evidence that Russia was aiding Iran prior to the nuclear deal.

Obama ignored evidence from an informant and still agreed to the Iranian nuclear deal.

Former President Barack Obama ignored warnings from a former informant who provided evidence to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that Russia was “supplying nuclear service” to Iran, according to The Hill.

During an interview with The Hill, William Douglas Campbell said Obama ignored Russia assisting the Iranian regime and still allowed the Uranium One deal to move forward.

Campbell said he provided the FBI with a slew of evidence that Russia was intercepting nonpublic international inspection reports on Iran’s nuclear program.

Russia was able to determine what Iran’s nuclear program lacked, so they sent equipment and materials to a nuclear facility inside Tehran to accelerate the program.

Campbell also said Russian nuclear executives were extremely concerned at the time that the Kremlin aiding Iran’s nuclear program could stall the Uranium One deal with the U.S.

“The people I was working with had been briefed by Moscow to keep a very low profile regarding Moscow’s work with Tehran,” Campbell said in an interview.

He added: “Moscow was supplying equipment, nuclear equipment, nuclear services to Iran. And Moscow, specifically the leadership in Moscow, were concerned that it would offset the strategy they had here in the United States if the United States understood the close relationship between Moscow and Tehran.”

Campbell notified the FBI that Russia was giving Iran materials to bolster its nuclear program. Around the same time, Russia feared it would harm the Uranium One deal, which involved former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s corrupt actions.

While leading the State Department, Clinton approved the sale of 20 percent of the United States’ uranium to Rosatom, a Moscow-linked nuclear company.

While the State Department was reviewing the sale, Russian officials associated with the deal reportedly donated around $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Former President Bill Clinton was also paid $500,000 from a bank in Moscow at the time for giving a speech in Russia.

Campbell said the FBI and Obama administration were aware of this, but still agreed to the nuclear deal with Iran and allowed Russia to take control of 20 percent of the United States’ uranium.

Many would agree there should be an investigation into whether the Obama administration broke any laws while allowing this corruption to take place.