Infamous Doctor Charged

PUBLISHED: 11:01 PM 16 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 11:03 PM 16 Feb 2018

Infamous Doctor In Legal Trouble, 22 Counts Related To Drugs

He testified in the case of MMA fighter “War Machine.”

A doctor who worked with War Machine is now facing some serious charges.

Nothing is sadder than watching someone who has achieved so much fall because their greed got the best of them. Overnight, careers and reputations are obliterated by actions that are rooted only in self-gain and nothing else. This was the case with “War Machine” expert, Steven Holper.

As Law and Crime has noted, “this 66-year-old doctor testified for the defense in the trial of former MMA fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver (legal name War Machine).” While a high-profile career may have been achieved, the feds have “charged him Tuesday on seven counts of unlawful distribution of fentanyl and 22 counts of providing a false statement related to a health benefit program,” according to the Department of Justice.

The doctor was known to have “prescribed Subsys,” a drug that is only legally administered through a certain program. The medicine is only for cancer patients and those who have “breakthrough pain” when opiates have stopped working.

Not only was Holper giving this out to those who did not have cancer, “he allegedly lied to Medicare and health insurance companies” saying that 22 patients had cancer when they did not.

When the doctor’s office was contacted, it was told that the practice was closed “indefinitely,” though no further information or statement was given.

Adding to his guilt, this is not the first time that the doctor has been in some kind of trouble with prescriptions. “The Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners reviewed a 2013 allegation that he over-prescribed controlled substances” Law and Crime also confirm. For that, he was given a 24-month probation, hardly a slap on the wrist.

We are told that “the claim ended up with him being ordered to surrender his Arizona license.”

While many people do not get the kind of pain medicine that they need when it is needed, this often happens due to doctors like Holper who allows others to abuse the medicine. Everyone in pain is now a suspect.

Also, what this doctor did was put people at risk, something that goes against the first rule of medicine (do no harm). Who knows what addictions he fed or if these pills got onto the street?

Sure, each person should be free from big brother swooping in and playing nanny, but we don’t need corrupt doctors spurring the problem on, either.

Dr. Holper surely won’t be allowed to practice medicine legally again after this latest round of missteps, and if nothing else, at least we can all sleep a little bit better knowing it.

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