Kittens Killed

PUBLISHED: 8:38 PM 14 Aug 2018

Indiana Horror: Kittens Frozen To Death In Animal Shelter

The American Veterinary Medical Association Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals does not condone this practice.

How many other shelters do what one shelter in Indiana was doing?

WARNING: The content of this article and the links may be very disturbing to some readers. 

People in America don’t agree on much in 2018, but thankfully, a love of animals unites most souls, it would seem. That is why the disturbing news from the New York Post about cops in Indiana investigating a shelter that froze kittens alive to euthanize them is causing a lot of uproar.

Those who once worked for the Spencer County Animal Shelter said that they saw horrible cases of “cruel and inhumane” treatment while employed there on at least two occasions. A past employee was worried that no one would be held accountable for this travesty and she knew that she had to act.

One worker, Bridgett Woodson, said that she saw “horrific” things during her three and half months working there. The most recent nightmare took place only on July 31. “The first time I was given an option to either just put it in a bag and put it in the freezer with no sedation, nothing — because I’m not a vet, I don’t have the license to be able to do that,” she told WEHT News.

A person without a license can’t humanely kill an animal because it may suffer. So, the solution used was to smother the defenseless creature to death in a bag or to freeze it alive.

Woodson continued, “The second time I was not given the option, and I was just told to go ahead and put it in the freezer. I mean, this cat was still up and moving and I had told her, and I still got the same response.

Both of those times, the worker refused and even “took it upon herself to call the vet.” The Courier and Press reported that the kittie killings were then ordered by a Spencer County Animal Control Officer.

I had to do something,” Woodson stated. That “something” turned out to be quitting her job and getting the police to investigate the matter. This lead to Spencer County Sheriff’s Office Detective Chris King getting the case. To avoid conflict of interest concerns, the matter will most likely be turned over to the Indiana State Police, however.

She added, “I’m super concerned about the animals. If this is deemed as acceptable and no one is held accountable, what else will start to slip through the cracks?

King has said that other workers have stepped forward and declared that in one instance, four kittens were frozen to death at one time.

Hey. I took the cat to the vet and had it put down,” said one x-employee. “You can take the cost out of my paycheck if that’s a problem. I will not be putting live animals in the freezer if there’s another option available, please don’t ask me to do that again.

Her boss, Christina Payne, replied, “That’s fine but so you know, the freezer option is no less humane. It’s fine though Bridge. I’m here for my employees. Always.” The American Veterinary Medical Association Guidelines for the Euthanasia of Animals would disagree with this assessment as they call “slow chilling or freezing of unanesthetized animals” unacceptable.

This whole story begs the questions, where are the liberals? Where are there calls for “no-kill” shelters when something like this awful is taking place? For that matter, where is anyone of any political stripe at instead of protesting at this establishments doors in droves?

Thankfully, a few workers were not suffering from a terrible lack or morality, and because of it, a few animals may be treated just a little bit better because of it.