Pizza And Jihad

PUBLISHED: 1:07 AM 27 Jan 2018

Immigration System Fail As New Jersey Pizza Place Connected To Terrorist

This Is Not The First Jihadi Pizza Place There

Is it possible that a terrorist cell is lurking in plain sight in your neighborhood? While many assume that such only happens in the movies, in some cases, they may be as close as the local pizza joint. It seems that the immigration system has failed as immigrants with terrorist ties flood New Jersey.

For whatever reason, immigrants with plans to do destruction on American soil often start a business that looks to be somewhat legit. This may take the form of a corner store, but in several cases, on the east coast, it was a pizza parlor.

An example of this occurred when Abu Hamza al-Amriki opened up an Albanian pizza place in New Jersey. He lived a double life making pizza for locals and recruiting support for ISIS.

The restaurant seemed to garner little attention on the Jersey Shore. The owner was known for making cheap knockoffs of many favorite foods for the college crowd.

It was not unusual for the lunch crowd to overflow the tiny location. They ate a sampling of Mexican, Italian, Chinese and Greek food. The red umbrellas on the sidewalk converted part of the front space into outdoor seating.

For the most part, many had no idea that behind the odd choice of menu items hide a dark secret. Abu Hamza al-Amriki was out for blood. He shared his desire to kill those who were not Muslim as he raged:

“Are you incapable of stabbing a Kafir [non-Muslim] with a knife, throwing him off a building, or running him over with a car? Liberate yourself from hellfire by killing a kafir [non-Muslim].”

The immigrant turned restaurant owner also happened to be a top ISIS commander. His real name is Zulfi Hoxha, with Zulfi meaning “sword handle.”

The Hoxha family was not secular like most Albanian immigrants are. When they came to the United States, they attempted to hide their family ties by changing their names.

The patriarch of the family also participated in the pizza business and went under the last name Ramadan. Others within the family made further attempts to fit in by taking more European names.

It is clear that the clan made many efforts to hide their ties to ISIS and even each other. They disappeared in the small town of Margate City and blended into the population of 6,000.

The ease at which this family was able to blend into a small town in New Jersey is startling. What is even worse is this is not the only example of this sort of activity.

An hour away from Margate City, two other pizza places hid similar terrorist thoughts. These small family run places were located right next to Fort Dix.

Muslim Tatar owned Super Mario’s Pizza, which catered to the staff at both Fort Dix and McGuire Air Force Base. The owner’s son, who was named Serdar, used the business to cover-up his evil plot.

Serdar was plotting to storm one of the bases and create chaos. He was working with the Duka family who was also immigrants. The Duka brothers had joined his efforts to plan an attack on American soil.

The Duka family also owned a pizza joint. The place at the time was described as being a “rat hole.” It has since been sold and turned into Tony Soprano’s Pizza.

The Duka brothers entered the United States illegally via Mexico. They were also Albanians.

The fact that the Dukas and Tatar worked with a company that offered delivery, factored into their plots to hurt people on the military bases. Tatar used the pizza delivery vehicle as a cover to explore the base in safety.

It was not uncommon for Tatar and the Duka brothers to meet at either one of the businesses to study the Quran. They used the text to support the slaughter of non-Muslim Americans.

A short distance from Fort Dix, another immigrant used a pizza place as a cover story. Mufid Elfgeeh owned Halal Mojoes Chicken & Pizza in Rochester, New York.

Elfgeeh covered his plot to kill American military members coming back from deployment while running the restaurant. He boasted on social media that “…Al-Qaida said it loud and clear; we are fighting the American invasion and their hegemony over the earth and the people.”

While he plotted to harm Americans, he did not seem to notice the significant issues at the cafe. Reports from the health department shared the place was overflowing with rats and bugs.

The poor conditions at each location should have been a red flag to local authorities that these may not be real businesses. They each hide terrible secrets under the disguise of selling pizza to locals.

For whatever reason, food service seems to be a natural place for immigrants with ulterior motives to move into our local communities. Something as simple as delivering pizza can lead to access to military bases.

Beyond starting a pizza place, several other not so savory immigrants have used different types of dining sites to cover their misdeeds. For example, the person working behind the counter at your local bakery might just be a sniper like Arsim Abdullahu.