Dem Candidate Sold Seat

PUBLISHED: 8:03 PM 7 May 2018

Illinois Governor Candidate Has Political Skeletons In Closet, Sold Senate Seat

The citizens are still drinking contaminated water, which accounts for the rise in Legionnaires Disease.

The citizens of Flint, Michigan got Legionnaire's disease instead of lead-free water.

The Illinois candidate for Governor, J.B. Pritzker, has been using African-Americans as “black political pawns” in a chess game of liberal corruption for over a decade. The left-leaning networks — paid off by Clinton cash connections– turn a blind eye to Pritzker’s closet full of political skeletons. Secret wiretaps unsealed last year prove the billionaire helped former Governor Rod Blagojevich auction Barack Obama’s Senate seat in 2008, yet he is still ahead in the polls. The media simply refuses to remind the voters of his crimes.

In 2016, when Hillary Clinton needed a boost with black Democrats near Detroit, J. Robert Pritzker, known by everyone as “J.B.,” engineered the Flint Water Works Initiative. Millions of ‘grant’ dollars were sucked into the vote swaying scheme, as taxpayers were tricked into propping up a “political ploy.” Meanwhile, the citizens of Flint, Michigan got Legionnaire’s disease instead of lead-free water. Once again, the media is silent as a tomb.

Pritzker knew just who Obama’s seat in the U.S. Senate should go to. When it went up on the auction block he put in a call to Governor Blagojevich. Pritzker has considerable savvy in the behind the scenes manipulations and guessed correctly that Blagojevich was having his arm twisted to name a black replacement.

Jesse White would be just the one to “cover you on the African-American thing,” he suggested on tape. He knew that White and Blagojevich weren’t particularly close, “bosom buddies or anything,” but White’s advantage was that he wasn’t as “uppity” as another potential candidate.

“He’s Senate material in a way that Emil Jones isn’t, If I may say,” Pritzker said. “I don’t know how to say it exactly but Emil’s a little more crass.”

Another thing that Jesse White had going for him was his current job as secretary of state. That would give Blagojevich another high-dollar post to sell. He described to Blagojevich how his reasoning worked.

Out of all the African-Americans “qualified and vetted” for the job, White’s name would have voters saying “that’s a pretty good pick.” Not only was White “least offensive,” he came with a bonus. He “maybe gets you the most because it gets you that secretary of state appointment.”

In 2012, Pritzker donated $250,000 to a charity White controls. The favor was repaid by White’s endorsement in Pritzker’s current bid for Governor. White remains in the Secretary of State position and was the first “statewide office holder” to endorse Pritzker.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton saw Flint Michigan’s toxic water as an opportunity to take votes away from Bernie Sanders. The Flint Water Initiative was created by a check written by Pritzker for $500,000.

Chelsea Clinton was dispatched to get the word out so it would be easier to focus attention on the “jobs program” instead of the presidential campaign.

The city of Flint tried to save money by cutting corners. Instead of buying water from Lake Michigan, where they had been getting it for generations, they decided to start pumping from the Flint River.

What they were not prepared for was that the river water was so corrosive it immediately started dissolving the plumbing. Lead from soldered joints and old equipment soon contaminated the entire city’s water supply, making it unsafe to drink or bathe.

Lead poisoning is not the only adverse effect of high concentrations of lead in the water. The increased levels “are believed to be a significant contributing factor to outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease in Flint.”

The Clinton inspired program had nothing to do with cleaning up the water. It was only designed to make the black voters think Clinton was on their side. Out of over 10,000 unemployed youth in the city, Clinton wanted to provide jobs to 100 of them.

Instead of doing something about the contamination, “the goal of the new Flint WaterWorks program is to provide jobs and opportunities for 100 young people ages 16-24 in the community who are out of school and not working,” a statement announced.

There was a slight connection with the water crisis, the 100 youth were being recruited to pass out water bottles “until clean water is fully available to all homes in Flint.”

“We cannot wait another minute to help Mayor Weaver and the people of Flint with real solutions that will address this water crisis, and the ongoing economic challenges that face the people of Flint. Too many young people are out of work, out of school and out of hope,” Hillary Clinton decreed.

Along with the water bottles, the recruits were to pass out fliers regarding the importance of proper nutrition.

The half a million shelled out by Pritzker should have been more than sufficient to train 100 people to deliver water bottles, but if you are going to have a circus you have to bring out the elephants.

The program added partners to provide some legitimizing cover. Between private contributions and taxpayer-funded grants, more than $22 million dollars was raised in 2016 alone, tax documents show.

That money was all funneled into Mott Community College. Their spokesman, Dartanyan Jamerson, says the program was “a success” but has not provided any records to document where the money went.