PUBLISHED: 9:14 PM 9 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 12:22 AM 10 Oct 2017

Illinois Dem Calls Out Trump Immigration Plan, Claims It’s Extension Of Racist “Agenda”

Gutierrez has spread lies about America's leader.

Gutierrez has spread lies about America's leader.

Gutierrez has spread lies about America’s leader.

Imagine picking up the paper and seeing liberals proclaiming that Mexico is racist against white people because they have border laws. Imagine whites marching in the street and calling the leadership of Mexico bigots for not allowing the gringo to stroll in with no papers, not following the protocol, and no ability to really support themselves. Just think of calling the average Mexican a bigot for wanting his border laws followed.

That makes NO SENSE, and yet every day, that is what we hear about our “racist” President Trump. No Democrat can address this issue, instead, they just say that the Commander in Chief’s immigration plan (which is much MUCH softer than any nation in South America) “an extension of the white supremacist agenda,” as the Gateway Pundit shows was the case with disgraceful Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL).

Breitbart News reports that Gutierrez also said, “I warned Democrats not to negotiate.” He claims that Trump “has never wavered from his xenophobic positions,” too. So clearly, Canada and Mexico, who also have borders, are promoting “xenophobic positions.”

The fact that Americans and even U.S. criminals can not just move down to Latin America is also because of these same “xenophobic positions.” Who knew?

This always enraged Democrat is a disgrace to America.

This always-enraged Democrat is a disgrace to America.

He even claims that “what they want to do is criminalize and delegitimize Latinos,” in a senseless rant that hurts the brain to read. No one, including the president, has any desire to do any such thing.

What IS wanted is to “criminalize and delegitimize” anyone of any race who did not legally apply at the door. Regardless of race, be they from Canada or Brazil, we want them gone.

That may sound harsh, but then again, those countries (including Brazil) do it to everyone else, and yes, that means even to the white man.

With friends like Kanye West (pictured), Trump make a pretty poor racist.

With friends like Kanye West (pictured), Trump makes a pretty poor racist.

That is not because whites are hated, but rather because their people are loved and borders keep them safe. No matter how the left spins it, that is what the unvarnished truth is. Race is NOT a factor.

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