PUBLISHED: 11:02 PM 20 Feb 2017

Illegals Now In “Shock” As Deportations Happen, Claim They Are Innocent And Have No Idea Why

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Why Is This Surprising?

Illegal Immigration is a touchy topic in the United States nowadays. That’s most likely because native-born Americans are ready to take their country back from people that believe they can just get a free ride and break the law without suffering any consequences and are fighting against the liberals that think the same way.

It’s one of the reasons why the American people selected Donald Trump to lead the country instead of Hillary Clinton. The American people wanted Trump because of his hard stance on illegal immigration as opposed to Hillary’s open border policy. He made that abundantly clear when Trump originally proposed his wall idea.

That “America First” sentiment has started to reveal itself more and more. Ever since former President Barack Obama left the White House and Trump moved in, there have been several orders taken against illegal immigration. It’s one thing to take action; it’s another to enforce it, which Trump has done also.

Trump’s recent arrest record of illegal immigrants has come to the surprise of several illegals. In particular, one family that had an illegal immigrant arrested was amazed that these laws were being enforced. Yes, it is a little surprising that we have a nation that will enforce the laws, considering the past eight years was spent with a president that had reckless abandon for the Constitution.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers arrested someone named Miguel Angel Torres. He was an illegal living in Austin, Texas, for the previous fourteen years. This occurred during a recent Operation Cross Check program, which rounds up criminal aliens.

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Illegals Are Getting Arrested Throughout The Country

The Texas Tribune reported that immigration officers had arrested Torres while they were looking for his brother-in-law, who happened to be a previously deported illegal immigrant.

“[My husband] is a person who’s never done anything wrong and who complies with the law. We don’t know why they detained him. He was driving his own car, not my brother’s. He has nothing to do with my brother,” Irma Perez, the illegal’s wife, said to the Texas news outlet.

In reference to that last statement, Texas law doesn’t allow anyone that doesn’t have legal status in the country to either obtain a drivers license or operate a car legally.

Perez, who openly admitted she is also illegal, said her husband drove to their daughter’s school to deliver a present for Valentine’s Day. Agents stopped Torres and asked if he was Jose Manual Perez, the person they were after. After that, Torres had his identity checked and when agents discovered he was in the country illegally.

Operation Cross Check is a program designed to capture criminal illegals and prepare them for removal proceedings. The operation targets criminals, gang members, and others that violate immigration laws, although they did say that non-criminals could be caught up in the process. While that can happen, the main point is that they are targeting illegals, and being illegal is a crime against the United States.

“During targeted enforcement operations ICE officers frequently encounter additional suspects who may be in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws. Those persons will be evaluated on a case by case basis, and when appropriated, arrested by ICE,” officials said in a written statement.

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ICE Is Getting Involved

Perez’ immigration lawyer Mark Kinzler wasn’t happy about what had happened. He told the Texas Tribune reporter, “They were looking, apparently, for someone else, and he wasn’t that person, but then they took him anyways.” Judging by that statement, it can be inferred that Kinzler just expected that immigration officers would ignore the fact that Torres was illegally in the country.

“Even though ICE’s PR campaign is that they’re picking up criminals and picking up people with prior deports, and I’m sure some of them are, it already seems like a lot of them are not those people. People who work every day and try to take care of their families are getting swept up.”

While that might be true, these are people that are still in the country illegally. They shouldn’t be allowed to stay in the country if that is the case. It’s not that difficult a concept to understand and yet liberals and Democrats can’t understand that.

It’s hard to imagine that people would be upset at the fact that dangerous illegals were deported out of the country. In fact, last week ICE went on a raid across the country and had 680 illegals arrested, and among those, 75 percent of the arrests had illegals with criminal reports. That is actually amazing to hear, considering that it means there are over 500 criminal illegals gone.

Even worse, California Democrats advocate for this type of behavior. The Democrats their were actually protecting illegal immigrants that stole social security numbers from other people. They protected them by saying it was okay because the illegals were working hard.

Share this article with everyone to show that there are illegals and Democrats that are surprised immigration laws are now being enforced. Their eight-year honeymoon with President Obama is gone and now we have a president that actually believes in the laws. The sooner that they understand law and order is back, the sooner we can move on as a country.