PUBLISHED: 6:55 PM 12 Jan 2018

Illegal’s Demand Wins, Lawsuit Forces City Police To Comply As Criminal Complains “Trust”


The city of Spokane caved to the ACLU and has made their city less safe for Americans and better for illegal aliens.

The city of Spokane caved to the ACLU and has made their city less safe for Americans and better for illegal aliens.

Spokane Washington is the latest victim of American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU). The ACLU sued the city after an illegal immigrant was detained after being involved in an accident and held for immigration authorities. The illegal immigrant was not at fault for the accident, but he was in the country illegally and the police were right to detain him for Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE). The ACLU sued the city and in a settlement, the city agreed they would not detain, arrest, or even inquire into citizen’s immigration status anymore.

Gabriel Gomez said he lost trust in the police, ironically the ACLU lawsuit win on his behalf has caused Americans to lose the trust in the police that they would protect them from illegal immigrants like Gomez. Gomez, the illegal invader is under the assumption he has a right to be in the nation he broke into and that police should not be able to question the immigration status of the millions of other criminals who crossed our southern border illegally. The ACLU has succeeded in making Spokane, Washington less safe for Americans and better for criminals illegally occupying the city.

The ACLU is empowering criminals at the expense of the American people. Illegal immigrants in the United States have a higher propensity to commit a crime which is why they are disproportionately represented in federal prisons and local jails. Bringing them into communities like Spokane and forcing police into inaction is an injustice to the Americans living in the community. Illegals’ higher propensity for crime can also be seen in the crime rates in the nations from which they hail.

Illegal immigrants are fleecing this country of its wealth.

The criminal illegal Gabriel Gomez is either a deadbeat or occupying a job that an American could have if Gomez was not in our country. If Gomez is currently employed he is part of the reason the American wages have been suppressed for decades. If Gomez has a job he is the reason an American doesn’t have that job and contributing to the massive rate at which Americans have left the workforce and the reason why unemployment levels are not lower.

Working or not, Gomez is statistically speaking going to contribute far less to the country than the massive amounts of welfare and handouts he will receive. If Gomez has children their education will come at the expense of American children.

Illegals like Gomez often have no insurance and leave the public to pick up the tab when they rack up massive hospital bills. Illegals like Gomez disproportionately use welfare, food stamps, and government housing, living their entire existence off the backs of the of the citizens whose country they invaded, occupy and currently refuse to leave.

Illegal immigrants commit crime disproportionately.

The roads Gomez was driving on when he got into an accident were also paid for by the people he is fleecing. The police who arrived on the scene of the accident were also paid for by the people Gomez has aggressed against. Gomez has no respect for Americans, the United States or our rule of law, and the ACLU likewise, in this case, is complicit in emboldening illegal foreign invaders and allowing them to run amok. Illegal immigrants like Gomez give immigrants a bad name and cheat millions who wish to immigrate here legally out of the opportunity because of the conceited self-entitled attitude which prevents Gomez from leaving.

Police all over the country in various cities and states have been obstructed from aiding other law enforcement agencies in their efforts to enforce our countries immigration laws. Sanctuary policies hurt Americans, they hurt their ability to find employment, they hurt their ability to demand higher wages, Americans are driven out of their neighborhoods, and their children’s education suffers at hands of criminal illegals like Gomez. Illegals like Gomez are living off of ill-gotten gains and the ACLU will stop at nothing to ensure the pillaging of our nation by illegals continues.

Maybe Gomez was not at fault in the accident, however, if he was not in the country the accident would never have occurred. The city of Spokane caved to ridiculous demands of the ACLU, which will attract more illegals into the area to cause more destruction, further deteriorate their neighborhoods and drive their schools into the ground.

Illegal aliens are in our country because they can not build or maintain societies like the United States on their own, they are fleeing the countries they created and turning ours into the places they fled.

It is your duty to report illegals so that ICE can deport them.