PUBLISHED: 7:15 PM 7 Mar 2017

Illegal Immigrants Now Suing, Claiming Prison’s Forced Labor Is “Unfair” & Case For Lawsuit

U.S taxpayers are forced to fund dozens of detention centers for illegals

Entitled illegals, armed with greedy lawyers and a fuzzy understanding of the law, are suing their detention centers for allowing them to work.

After supposedly storming into America because they were desperate for employment, thousands of illegals decided that it was “unfair” to ask them to do anything once they were captured. A smattering of detention centers operated by GEO group are at the center of the sprawling lawsuit.

During part of her time in an immigrant detention center in Colorado, Grisel Xahuentitla spent six hours a day passing out trays before meals…She was participating in a voluntary work program that allows detainees to earn $1 a day,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Immediately after her release Grisel and eight others launched their lawsuit. Apparently they felt the work was too degrading. Yet Grisel admits that she and the others volunteered for the program. If they disliked the work they could have quit at any moment.

It seems that what they’re really raging about is the low wages, although the pay is comparable to that given to inmates. Illegals aren’t citizens. They’re already being housed at the taxpayers expense. You and I are working so that Grisel and people like her can live in comfort while the government decides what to do with them.

When you are in there, there’s not a lot of options for you,” said Grisel. “You’ve got to follow their rules; you got to do what they tell you.”

Detainees are guarded by ICE officers

Of course detainees have to follow set rules, detention centers aren’t the new Hilton. Illegals should be grateful they’re being taken care of at all. If the conditions are so rough that they can’t stand it, they’re allowed to request a flight home at any time.

Millions of illegals continue to stomp across our southern border. They’re angry when they’re caught and many demand special treatment. Detention centers are being lambasted for treating illegals like what they are- detainees.

Still, the fact remains that the South Texas Family Residential Center is a detention center, not an all-inclusive gated community. The people who are in there are being held against their will (unless they opt to self-deport), and immigration advocates worry about the long-term psychological effects of detaining vulnerable women and children who are already traumatized by violence,” wails a bleeding heart at Fusion.

Oh boo-hoo. Held against their will? They illegally sneaked into our country with no plan for their support beyond charity. Most of the migrants didn’t bother to learn English before they came. They’re largely unemployable even if the sappy idealists had their way and we granted amnesty to every single one of them.

Two separate class-action lawsuits were born from Grisel’s complaints. The first comprises a group of about 2,000 illegals whining about the voluntary work program.

The second group is composed of 60,000 migrants “who plaintiffs’ attorneys say were coerced to mop floors, clean windows, wipe down mattress…”

Many of the detainees housed in America complain that they’re expected to keep their rooms tidy

In other words detainees were asked to help with the basic upkeep of their facility. “Coerce” is a strong word. ICE requires migrants to keep their rooms clean. It’s a small price to pay for the privilege of indefinite free room and board.

These immigrants came here to work to make a better life for themselves and their families,” said Brandt Milstein, an attorney representing the plaintiffs. “Then, when they’re caught doing so and detained, they’re told it was unlawful to work in this country. Then they’re forced to work for nothing in order to pad the profits of a private prison company.”

It’s a specious argument even for a lawyer. Illegals aren’t forced to do anything, they can opt to go home at anytime. And Milstein conveniently forgets that the migrants are not only being housed for free, but they’re provided with interpreters and lawyers to help argue their case.

The plaintiffs are of course asking for tens of millions in damages.

If being held at a detention center is so awful, it seems like there’s a very easy way to avoid that fate; Don’t enter America illegally.

President Trump has made immigration reform a priority for his administration. Migrants continue to cross the border because it’s not effectively secured. Trump plans to change that. He’s already beefed up Border Patrol and freed agents from restrictions imposed by Obama.

Women and men detainees are housed separately

Plans for the now infamous wall are on hold as lack of support from the left forces the president to scramble for funding. Liberals would rather pay to take care of illegals than front the money to keep them out of the country.

Grisel Xahuentitla now lives in Durango, Colo., and she and her attorney declined to discuss her legal status,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

Grisel’s machinactions worked. She crept into the U.S illegally and complained so forcefully when she was caught that lawyers were able to finagle her release.