Mass Exodus Strikes San Francisco

PUBLISHED: 12:38 AM 10 Feb 2018

Illegal Immigrants And High Costs Part Of The Problem, Citizens Fleeing California’s Bay Area

Some leaving cited sanctuary policies as well.

More citizens are leaving San Francisco than moving in.

San Francisco is seeing a mass exodus of residents, with more people fleeing the state than any other time in the last decade. More people are leaving the city than moving in, and the situation has gotten so out of control it has become the number one city for out-migration in the nation.

One of the reasons for people fleeing en masse is the wildly inflated housing bubble the city is in. Modest homes in decent neighborhoods cost over $1 million. Many white-collar professionals are having a hard time affording homes, not to mention the blue-collar class carving out a living in the city.

The affordability of housing by residents is exasperated by California’s state income tax, which is the highest in the United States at 13.3 percent.

Other taxes, like the 40 cents a gallon state tax on gasoline, further diminish the checks of those working in California before they can even consider saving to buy a home.

Facing the uncomfortable reality that staying in San Francisco means they may never own a home, residents are instead choosing to pack up and move elsewhere. The main places they are moving to are Sacramento, Austin, and Portland.

Texas is particularly popular for those who are not retiring yet because the state levies no income tax on its residents.

People are also fleeing San Francisco because the city has become a very dangerous place to live. In California, 98 percent of communities outside of San Francisco have less crime, according to statistics derived from the 2016 FBI crime reports, released in September of 2017.

The violent crime rate in San Francisco is one of the highest in the nation and shows no signs of relenting.

According to the data, the violent crime rate in San Francisco is about 62% percent higher than the average for the state. In 2016 alone, the city reported 58 murders, 346 rapes, 3,221 robberies and 2,644 assaults.

The property crime rate in San Francisco is double the national average. In 2016 the city reported 5,084 burglaries, 37,866 thefts, and 5,487 motor vehicle thefts.  For every square mile in San Francisco, 1,159 crimes were reported in 2016.

Much of the crime in San Francisco can be attributed to their enormous population of illegal immigrants and their families.

According to a 2014 Pew Research study, San Francisco is home to 240,000 illegal immigrants, ranking it 11 on the list of cities with the highest population of illegal immigrants in the United States.

Illegal immigrants are also far less likely to report a crime, meaning the real crime figures are certainly much higher than the numbers suggest.

The vast majority of the illegal immigrants in San Francisco come from the third world, dysfunctional countries in South America.

San Francisco is a Sanctuary city, their law enforcement is forbidden from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), so illegal aliens have been able to run amok in the city without fear of deportation.

With housing prices out of control, and third world migrants flooding in with little to no money, San Francisco has also developed a homeless problem, which has led to an epidemic of public defecation in the streets and parks.

The issue has become so pervasive that maps have been created to outline where the feces is dumped, and at what densities, so residents can navigate around it. It turns out many Americans are uncomfortable living in a city where the grounds are polluted with human waste.

The elite of San Francisco, including politicians for the state, reside in enclaves of the city. One such enclave is Presidio Terrace, which is blocked off from the public by armed security forces so the upper class can be insulated from the grime of the city.

Diane Feinstein (D-CA) lived in this community at one time. While the wealthy senator was living in the heavily guarded and gated enclave she spent her time advocating for policies which pumped the rest of the city full of illegal third world migrants.

The ultra-wealthy still have a place in San Francisco, but the working class have been forced out after liberal policies turned the once iconic and beautiful city into a literal human waste dumping ground, filled with third world migrants, plagued with astronomical levels of violent crime, and a place where the few decent neighborhoods left were priced well out of reach of the working class.