PUBLISHED: 10:39 PM 8 Aug 2018

Illegal Aliens Self-Deporting To Canada Amid Trump’s Crackdown

Trump's immigration policies are so tough that many illegal aliens are self-deporting to Canada.

Trump's tough immigration policies have resulted in illegal aliens deporting themselves.

A new report indicates that President Donald Trump‘s immigration policies are so tough and effective that illegal aliens are deporting themselves out of the United States before being confronted with federal immigration officials.

According to The Washington Post, a large number of illegal aliens have been self-deporting to Canada to avoid Trump’s crackdown on those who are not allowed to be in the U.S. The Post details the stories of several illegal aliens who have been living in America, but have decided to deport themselves to the northern border for asylum in Canada. While they are, thankfully, leaving the U.S., time will only tell how this plan will ultimately work.

The liberal paper tried its hardest to slander Trump for not giving a free pass to those who broke the law to enter the U.S. and have been in the country illegally — but many will see through the partisan hackery.

In one case, the Post detailed how an illegal alien single mother came to the U.S. illegally and had two babies in the country. She said she will be traveling to Canada to avoid federal immigration officials and deportation back to her native country of Eritrea.

Another illegal alien, who said they were from Sri Lanka, told the Post that he has been living in the United States illegally since 2005.

The Post did its best to downplay how he has been in the country illegally for more than a decade and characterized his efforts to break the law for 13 years as simply “doing what he can.”

The illegal alien told the Post that he was fleeing to Canada after hearing that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been cracking down on businesses who choose to hire illegals over Americans citizens.

A report from Breitbart News shows that the Trump administration viewed employment records at 6,093 work locations since October 2017. By comparison, the Obama administration only reportedly checked 1,716 between October 2016 and September 2017.

Since last October, the Trump administration has arrested 675 managers or supervisors and charged them criminally for hiring illegal aliens. The administration has also made 984 arrests of illegals in the last nine months.

By comparison, Breitbart reports that between Oct. 2016 and Sept. 2017, the Obama administration only made 139 criminal arrests on managers and supervisors and 172 administrative arrests on illegals.

While the Post only detailed a few cases of illegal immigrants, studies and research show that many illegals have been self-deporting to avoid detection by immigration officials and being deported.

Trump has made combating illegal immigration a top priority for his administration since taking office, and his policies are apparently so effective that illegals are self-deporting.