PUBLISHED: 1:20 AM 12 Jan 2018

Illegal Alien’s Attorney Demands School Pay, Blasts $600,000 Security Cost And Standing Promise

President of University of California Berkeley has a history of caving in to illegal immigrant demands.

President of University of California Berkeley has a history of caving in to illegal immigrant demands.

Some students at the University of California Berkeley are outraged that the University would not pay the bail for an illegal immigrant student who was arrested. Luis Mora was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) agents on December 30, 2017 and was taken to Otay Mesa Detention Center.

University of California Chancellor Carol Christ issued a formal statement saying, “…campus leadership is taking all appropriate actions to support the student’s interest so that he may continue his studies and his life as a valued member of our community. He is not alone, nor are those working to secure his freedom.” The University of California works against the government, specifically to protect illegal immigrants when they are arrested by authorities enforcing United States immigration law.

The statement from Chancellor Christ goes on to say “…the University is working to ensure the student has access to legal advice, attorney services and other resources necessary to mount what we hope will be a successful effort to end this detention…These efforts are a natural outgrowth of the national leadership of Berkeley and the University of California system in support of undocumented students, and we have no intention of backing down from our fundamental commitment to justice and equity.”

Their commitment to justice and equity does not include justice for the millions of foreign nationals who have waited for years to enter the United States. According to the State Department there are almost five million people abroad waiting in line to gain legal entry into the United States. Because the country can only take in so many immigrants and must take into account the number of illegal invaders we absorb, aliens occupying our country like Luis Mora make it more difficult for those who abide by and respect our immigration laws to gain legal entry.

Attorney Prena Lal, who graduated from California State University, is outraged the school isn’t doing more for the arrested illegal, Mora. Lal took to Twitter to blast the University saying, “I asked UC Berkeley to be prepared to pay Luis Mora’s bond and their legal counsel was like ‘No, we don’t want to be sued.’ But it’s okay to spend $600k for security of white supremacist who come to our campus to incite hate and violence.” Ironically, the $600,000 the university spent was only required because the violent left is incapable of putting their savages in check and acting with a modicum of decorum.

The University of California spends $5,000,000 annually on hand outs in aid to illegal aliens like Mora. Illegals enrolled in the University of California are entitled to leech $4,000 annually from the system and receive up to $20,000 in loans. In 2016, 3,500 illegal immigrants received financial aide from the University of California. The California University system receives millions in state and federal funding to maintain their facilities and has appropriated millions taken from American taxpayers to support a free ride for illegal immigrants.


Senator Ricardo Lara(D-CA) introduced the “DREAM program” in 2010 and said, “The DREAM loan program will grow our college-educated workforce, and make good on a promise that a college degree is possible for all hard-working, qualified California students regardless of their immigration status.” The opportunities the University has given to illegal immigrants have been stolen from Americans who could have easily filled those seats, and benefited from a college education.

Because the resources are only allocated to illegal immigrants under the DREAM program, according to Alexis Moran a sophomore Hispanic at UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) , they are not only detrimental to “law abiding citizens who are of all ethnicity including Hispanic, but they are also promoting and sponsoring people who are breaking the laws of our society and country.” Illegal immigrants are fleecing the university system and the public who are forced to pick up the tab.

The University of California should not be using public funds to support illegal immigrants and illegals should not be entitled to opportunities which many Americans are losing out on. Regardless of the lengths the University of California has gone to in order to support illegal immigrants,  the left will not be satisfied until they are literally bailing them out of jail on the public’s dime, on top of offering them a free ride through college on the backs of Americans.