Child Pregnant

PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM 26 May 2019
UPDATED: 4:14 PM 26 May 2019

Illegal Alien Protected By Police Gets 11-Year-Old Pregnant

Police were notified of the relationship but did nothing.

Police knew about the relationship five months ago, but didn't bother to investigate the man's legal status.

In November 2018, police were notified about an illegal relationship between a 20-year-old illegal alien and an 11-year-old girl.

The victim’s mother had contacted Phoenix investigators about the fact that her daughter had been given a ‘hickey’ by the illegal invader from Guatemala.

During the subsequent investigation, Carlos Cobo-Perez admitted that he was having a relationship with the child and knew it was against the law. In a phone interview he told detectives that he would stop all contact with the child.

That was a lie.

Fox5 Atlanta reported:

According to the police report, on May 17, the girl was taken to Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She took a pregnancy test, which returned a positive result.

She said Cobo-Perez got her pregnant.

“He called me last Friday crying, telling me he got his girlfriend pregnant and I didn’t believe it,” said a girl, who did not want to be identified. She said she is a friend of Cobo-Perez and the victim, and said the two dated for several months.

“She really loved him with all her heart, but her parents would not let her see him,” said the girl.

Investigators say Carlos admitted to having sex with the girl in his car near her school.

Court paperwork states the parents provided a letter the victim stated Carlos gave her.

In the letter, Cobo-Perez knew he could go to jail for having a relationship with the underage girl, but did not care.

Cobo-Perez was taken into custody at his home near 6th Street and Hatcher. He was later charged with aggravated assault and sexual conduct with a minor.

He remains jailed on a $150,000 cash-only bond. Police say Cobo-Perez is also an undocumented immigrant.

“If I want to sign my order of deportation, am I allowed to or not?” said Coco-Perez, in court, via a translator.

“That’s not something that this court does,” said the presiding judge.

His next court date is May 28.

Statement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement:
 “On May 18, 2019, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged an immigration detainer with the Maricopa County Jail on Carlos Jacinto Cobo-Perez, 20, an illegal alien from Guatemala, following his criminal arrest for two felony counts of sexual conduct with a minor and one felony count of aggravated assault.”

‘Undocumented immigrant?’ He is an illegal invader who has destroyed the life of a young girl with his selfish and freakish actions.