Border Wall Success

PUBLISHED: 11:13 PM 10 Aug 2018

Illegal Alien Hospitalized With Two Broken Legs After Falling from Border Wall

He reportedly broke both of his legs after climbing a border wall in California and falling roughly 30 feet onto the other side.

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents recently found a man who broke both of his legs after falling approximately 30 feet from a border wall during an attempt to enter into the US unlawfully (pictured above).

Just recently, United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents found a man suffering from a serious injury near the International Border Wall in the state of California. Apparently, he reportedly broke both of his legs after falling from the wall, which is roughly 30 feet tall, while attempting to enter into the U.S. illegally.

Upon discovering the man, who shouldn’t have tried to enter illegally, in his severely wounded state, the federal agents promptly called for help and had him rushed him to a hospital in Palm Springs, California where he will likely be treated at the taxpayer’s expense before being deported.

According to reports, the man was purportedly found behind Gran Plaza Outlet Mall by agents assigned to the El Centro Border Patrol Station.

After discovering the man behind the mall in a terribly mangled state, the El Centro station agents then reportedly requested help from Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and tried to offer whatever aid and comfort they could while waiting for help to arrive.

When the EMS personnel, which included paramedics and a few members of the local fire department, eventually arrived, they determined that he had “sustained bilateral femur fracture to both legs and a possible back injury.” They then had him flown to a medical center in Palm Springs to be treated.

In a statement about the incident, Ralph DeSio, who is a spokesman for CBP, mentioned that this incident is a reminder of the dangers associated with unlawfully entering the country.

Specifically, DeSio stated, “the El Centro Sector Border Patrol reminds the public of the dangers involved in attempting to cross illegally into the United States.  The newly established border wall system is 30 feet tall and attempting to climb up or down could result in potentially life-threatening injuries.”  

In addition to reminding the public about the dangers associated with illegally entering the US, many would argue that this incident also highlights the importance of a complete border wall, which is something that the current administration has been actively fighting for.

With a wall across the entire border, anyone who tries to enter the country unlawfully will likely meet a similar fate. This means people may be discouraged from even trying to enter illegally.

If for some reason they’re able to make it over without breaking both their legs, then the wall will would at least serve as an obstacle to slow them down and give border patrol agents a chance to arrive at the scene and capture the potentially dangerous criminals.  

Essentially, if there was a complete wall along the southern border of the US, then there would likely be fewer people harmed by dangerous illegal aliens, which is something that, sadly, is not entirely uncommon.

Several weeks ago, for instance, law enforcement officials in San Francisco, California reportedly arrested a 36-year-old illegal immigrant originally from Peru, who was later identified as Orlando Vilchez Lazo, for allegedly sexually assaulting approximately four women at different times while purportedly pretending to work as a ride-share driver.

And a few weeks prior to that, Carlos Melara, a 21-year-old undocumented alien from El Salvador and member of MS-13, was reportedly found guilty of “conspiracy to conduct enterprise affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity” for allegedly being involved in the horrific murder of a 15-year-old teenage boy.

According to reports, Melara was convicted after it was determined that he lured the teen to a park in Massachusetts and then stabbed him to death during an ambush attack that included several other gang members.  

Before that, Miguel “Timido” Angel Lopez-Abrego, a 19-year-old undocumented alien who’s in MS-13, was taken into custody by local police officers for allegedly being involved in the gruesome murder of an unidentified man, whose body was later buried in the Maryland woods.

Alarmingly, violent crimes are just one of the numerous ways illegal aliens are purportedly harming American citizens.

For example, earlier this year, Marcela Gutierrez, who isn’t a citizen of the United States, was reportedly placed under arrest by law enforcement officials in Texas for allegedly tampering with the ballots of numerous residents. Specifically, she supposedly cast votes in favor of certain people on other people’s ballots while pretending to show them how to vote.

Apparently, she ultimately ended up being arrested shortly after her voting “assistance” scheme was exposed during an election integrity investigation that was being conducted by the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Several weeks before Gutierrez’s arrest, a 37-year-old Mexican national living in the U.S. unlawfully, who was later identified as Laura Janeth Garza, was also arrested by officers in Texas and charged with “voter impersonation and ineligible voting” after it was revealed that stole the identity of another citizen and then illegally voted in multiple past elections.

Without a doubt, many would agree that illegal immigration is extremely concerning. Hopefully, the recent incident in California will help convince some of those who do not yet support the idea of a border wall that such a protection will likely help keep American citizens safe.