Illegal Death Sentence

PUBLISHED: 4:20 AM 28 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 7:34 PM 28 Apr 2018

Illegal Alien Cop Killer Sentenced To Death

He gunned down a deputy and a sheriff in 2014.

During his flight from police officers, Bracamontes ran over Oliver’s dead body in an attempt to get away as fast as possible.

On Wednesday, a California judge sentenced convicted cop killer Luis Bracamontes to death, the most justifiable outcome for a “monster” who decided to do the unthinkable and laugh about it.

It happened in October 2014, when Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, shot and killed Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr.

During a day of blood and mayhem, Bracamontes carjacked several California residents and killed the two officers during his attempt to flee. According to different reports, he has been deported from the United States several times on drug-related charges.

Apparently, Bracamontes fired a round into Oliver’s head when he approached the illegal immigrant’s vehicle, which was parked in the parking lot of a Motel 6. Oliver died immediately.

During his flight from police officers, Bracamontes ran over Oliver’s dead body in an attempt to get away as fast as possible.

The illegal immigrant and his wife fled to a nearby neighborhood and attempted to carjack a man named Anthony Holmes. When he resisted, Bracamontes decided to shoot him five times, three of which were in the face. Miraculously, the victim managed to survive his terrible injuries.

After carjacking some other vehicles, the illegal alien and his wife faced off with police officers, injuring several of them and killing Davis Jr.

Bracamontes fled once again, barricading himself in a nearby home and opening up the stove’s gas valves in an apparent suicide bid.

Basically, he’s a psychopath who was willing to kill everyone who stood in his way in order to fulfill his goal.

Before he could follow through with taking his own life, the illegal alien surrendered to law enforcement, pleading with them not to kill him.

After that, he was taken into custody and jailed. A couple of months ago, Bracamontes was finally found guilty in the police officers’ slayings. In addition, his wife Janelle Monroy was also convicted and sentenced to nearly 25 years in prison.

The 41-year-old woman was convicted of murder in the Davis Jr. slaying and the different crimes committed during the brutal rampage, despite the fact that she never fired a bullet.

Prosecutors had argued that she was as culpable as her husband and had helped move his AR-15 rifle from vehicle to vehicle as he carjacked his way from Sacramento to Auburn. The AR-15 rifle was the weapon that killed Davis Jr.

According to different reports, the illegal alien shouted profanities during the Wednesday sentencing and the judge eventually removed him from the courtroom.  Additionally, local media pointed out that Bracamontes was grinning during the sentencing.

During a hearing wrought with the emotion of the victims’ family members and friends and outbursts from the defendant, Judge Steve White ruled that the illegal alien would get the death penalty.

Apparently, about eight family members and friends of slain Sacramento County sheriff’s Deputy Oliver and Placer County sheriff’s Detective Davis Jr. gave statements before Bracamontes was sentenced in the Sacramento Superior Court.

Sacramento Deputy Scott Brown, Oliver’s partner, said his heart was broken over the tragic events as the illegal alien grinned broadly.

On his part, Holmes said that Bracamontes changed his life in the most horrible way, and claimed, “we just need to hang him.”

After hearing the statement from the innocent man he shot five times, Bracamontes called Holmes, who is African American, a racial epithet.

As Oliver’s mother, Joyce, spoke of seeing her dead son’s body at the coroner’s office, the illegal alien smiled, swinging back and forth in his swivel chair.

Finally, as former Placer Deputy Chuck Bardo called him a horrible monster and a coward, Bracamontes started to yell and was then removed as he shouted the most terrible obscenities.

At that moment, while Bardo said that Bracamontes was retreating as a coward, the illegal alien continued to shout from the basement as he was led away.

Despite facing the death penalty the illegal alien gave very little help to the public defenders that were making huge efforts to spare his life, instead choosing to shout different profanities and threats against the lawyers, the judge, and even the witnesses over the course of his court proceedings.

Naturally, this cannot be considered as a surprise, given the fact that back in January, this man said before Judge Steve White that he wished he could have killed some more police officers.