Illegal Infects Child With Herpes

PUBLISHED: 6:53 PM 25 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 6:58 PM 25 Jan 2018

Illegal Alien Blames “Strong Black Magic” After Molesting Child And Infecting Her With Herpes

He told police that black magic made him assault the child but the bond amount is sick

This man is a prime example of why we need a wall.

Huber Morales, a 24-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico, has been charged with seven felonies including the repeated molestation and rape of a girl that was only seven-years-old. Morales’ behavior came to light when the girl was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that she had herpes. She told nurses Morales repeatedly molested her and after his arrest on January 16, he admitting to raping the girl twice. Morales is currently being held on a bond of $100,000 at Vanderburgh County Jail in Indiana. Morales indicated “strong black magic” used against him caused him to commit the heinous act.

Illegal immigrants have a higher propensity to commit crime than Americans, and sadly, Morales’ story is similar to other crimes committed by illegal aliens. Early August of 2017, an illegal alien from Ecuador by the name of Lidia Quilligana was convicted and sentenced after a nanny cam caught her abusing three children. Quilligana was recorded intentionally and cruelly burning a three-year-old on the girl’s arms and legs and smashing the girls face while pulling her hair to hold her in place. Quilligana only received 15 years for what the district attorney called “sustained and depraved cruelty.”

In September of 2017, an illegal alien from Guatemala, Edgar Mendoza was arrested after he allegedly broke into a New Jersey home. It is reported that once Mendoza gained entry into the residence he was caught raping a six-year-old girl. Her father walked into her room to check on her and caught him in the act. Mendoza is said to have jumped from the second story window when her father caught him in the little girl’s bed. Meanwhile, Phil Murphy, the Democrat Governor of New Jersey is working to make the state a “sanctuary state,” and opening up special offices to assist illegal aliens with legal counsel.

In August of 2017, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who returned after being deported in 2005 and again in 2013, was arrested for raping a seven-year-old girl. Victor Francisco Michel-Lara told investigators the rapes and molestation “accidentally” occurred while he was applying lotion to the young girl and “roughhousing” with her. The young girl told investigators she was molested “many times in the last six months” and raped “thousands of times.”

In May of 2017 an Illegal immigrant from Guatemala, Edwin Valasquez Curuchiche, was convicted and sentenced to 50 years after he committed heinous crimes against a six-year-old girl. Curuchiche would sneak into the little girl’s bedroom when she was sleeping and molest her. Curuchiche recorded himself committing the disturbing acts and was ultimately found guilty on two counts of producing child pornography.

In April of 2017 an illegal alien, Pablo Gonzales Sanchez, was convicted and sentenced to 18 years after molesting a young girl. The mother of the girl was also an illegal alien who refused to report the abuse by Sanchez, which is reported to have occurred about 50 times. This same month, another illegal alien, Carlos Santiago-Alvarez, was convicted and sentenced to six to eight years in prison following a child rape case.

In February 2017, Ricardo Solis Garcia was convicted and sentenced to 20-29 years in prison. He reportedly raped a 13-year-old girl at a motel in North Carolina. Garcia was said to have offered the young girl a ride when she naively accepted, the illegal alien pedophile used it as an opportunity to carry out his violent attack.

These criminal illegal aliens are most often deported after completion of their prison sentences, but with a porous border, many of them just return to the United States. Rene Maldonado-Alvarado, for example, was convicted of child rape in the third degree in 2016 in Washington. Maldonado-Alvarado received a sentence of only one year for the child rape and was subsequently deported. January 6, 2018, Maldonado-Alvarado was caught by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents as he crossed the border from Mexico into the United States.

The six-year-old girl Huber Morales repeatedly molested and raped will have to live with herpes the illegal alien gave her and the psychological trauma it caused her for the rest of her life. This case is not an isolated incident and the irreversible detrimental impact pedophile illegals are having in our country is undeniable. It’s true, illegal aliens are a net loss of $116 billion to the United States even after considering the sum of their contributions, however, there is a much steeper cost than their negative fiscal impact.