Illegals Blast Democrats

PUBLISHED: 5:23 PM 24 Jan 2018

Illegal Activists Blame Democrats “Caved” For Ending Shutdown, Demand Amnesty For Millions

They are angry that there was no absolution for their crimes.

Illegal activists are turning on Democrats.

The group United We Dream, funded by George Soros, led a protest outside of the United States Capitol after the government reopened without legislation that granted amnesty to illegal aliens. An illegal alien at the protest said, “Today we are outraged, U.S. senators on both sides disappointed the nation today when they decided to move forward without a solution for me, for the members of United We Dream, and my little sister.”

The illegal alien continued his rant, “We’re not going to sugar coat it or spin it. Today immigrant young people continue to be in danger of deportation. They continue to be in detention centers. And there was no solution for us today because Democrats and Republicans decided that it was too politically painful.” Democrats receive the overwhelming majority of votes cast by immigrants so they are pushing for amnesty, while the Republican party will feel the political pain if they cave on amnesty.

Some RINOs or “Republicans in name only” have been willing to cave to the pressure and defy the will of the American people, such as Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Senator Dick Durbin (R-IL). These Republicans have been pushing an amnesty bill which would not only grant amnesty to illegal aliens currently enjoying protections under Obama’s executive order known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) but it would extend that amnesty to their parents who recklessly smuggled them into the United States.

The amnesty bill these Republicans proposed also did nothing to address the issue of chain migration. Legal immigrants as it stands are able to import hordes of their family members through chain migration which grants priority to their family over better-qualified applicants. This program has allowed nine million immigrants to be imported to this country since 2005, and granting amnesty to illegals here now would allow them to import millions more through this program.

This atrocious bill has also done nothing to address the visa lottery system which imports 50,000 people into the country each year for no other reason beyond their country of origin having a small population in America. This system has allowed terrorists to come into the country who then took advantage of chain migration to bring in large batches of those from the third world.

President Trump has made it clear that any bill granting further protections to illegal aliens already in the United States will have to end chain migration, end the visa lottery and fully fund a southern border wall to keep hordes of criminals from waltzing into the country like they own the place, as they have been for decades. President Trump, however, has failed to demand an end to birthright citizenship be included in the legislation, something he was passionate about during his 2016 presidential campaign.

The overwhelming majority of Americans who voted for President Trump are against granting these illegal aliens amnesty of any kind. On the campaign trail, President Trump promised stadiums full of his supporters that these illegals would be deported and have to apply to enter the country legally if they wished to return. Granting illegal aliens who have shown contempt for our laws any favors will motivate and encourage more foreign nationals to break our immigration laws. Rewarding irresponsible behavior begets more poor behavior.

Democrats in Congress forced the government to shut down because they refused to pass a funding bill that did not include protections for DACA recipients. After only a few days, enough Democrats signed a new Republican spending bill to fund the government if Republicans agreed to hear arguments and a presentation of a bill that addresses immigration. However, the current funding bill only temporarily funds the government, and without new funding legislation, the government is set to shut down again on February 8.

Democrats motivation for keeping the hordes of illegals in our country is simple, votes. Most of these immigrants are from non-European countries and they vote mostly as a block, along with minorities in the United States, for Democrats. They vote for bigger government, more welfare, and the restriction of rights, and all of these agendas align with the Democratic party. Deporting millions of illegals, ending chain immigration programs,  ending the visa lottery, ending birthright citizenship and shrinking the welfare state would mark the demise of the Democratic party, which keeps them fighting against the interest of Americans.