Tarmac Lie Busted

PUBLISHED: 6:23 PM 4 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 7:25 PM 3 Jul 2018

IG Report Reveals Lynch-Clinton Lie

According to the report, the 'accidental' meeting on the tarmac was planned.

The Inspector General report uncovered evidence that the 'accidental' tarmac meeting was anything but coincidence.

In the run-up to the ‘end’ of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, a number of strange things happened, including an ‘impromptu’ meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General and head of the Barack Obama Department of Justice.

Shortly after the meeting, Mrs. Clinton was finally questioned about her part in the email scandal concerning her private email server. That case ended when the Federal Bureau of Investigation, led by James Comey, ‘decided’ to ignore the law and ‘recommend’ no charges. However, new information shows the FBI and the United States Secret Service both aided in helping the ‘accidental’ tarmac meeting happen, and information in the Inspector General’s recent report ‘busted’ Clinton and Lynch’s lies about being simply a strange coincidence.

This revelation came about courtesy of Inspector General Michael Horowitz and his Office of the Inspector General, which is itself part of the Justice Department.

On page 203 of the report issued last month, the OIG suggested that the meeting was neither ‘accidental,’ nor ‘coincidental,’ as both Clintons and then- AG Lynch proclaimed.

Instead, the report says that the U.S. Secret Service detail assigned to Bill Clinton contacted Lynch’s FBI detail to set up the thirty-minute meeting while both their planes were on the tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona.

Of course, according to the pair, they simply talked about their grandchildren, and according to Mrs. Lynch, Mr. Clinton mentioned that he played a game of golf while he was in Phoenix. Strangely, no one at any golf course in the state, let alone the city, recalled playing a game of golf with the former President of the United States of America.

Christopher Sign, an anchor for ABC News 3340 Alabama, still has not found evidence of the alleged golf game.

Page 209 of the IG’s report suggests that not only was the meeting planned, but that the pair wanted to hide the fact that they were meeting in a private plane.

In fact, the Office of Public Affairs Supervisor in charge of Lynch’s detail even went out to a photographer who was outside hoping for a picture of the AG, and told him not only that she wouldn’t be taking pictures, but that the photographer needed to get back in his car.

Page 210 of the report even said that an advisor to AG Lynch suggested the meeting was not only improper, but that it would look terrible to the general population. This senior counselor tried to tell her that the meeting was not proper, but was turned back by a member of the FBI security detail.

A few days after this ‘coincidental’ meeting, Hillary Clinton was questioned by the United States government concerning what she knew and when she knew it about the email server and the classified emails that somehow ended up on it.

Less than a week after the ‘accidental’ meeting, FBI Director Comey, who answered directly to the Attorney General, suggested that there should be no charges, based on an entirely contrived reading of the applicable law.

Sadly, nothing in the report reveals the contents of the discussion between Clinton and the government official investigating his wife.

However, it does reveal something of the nature of government. Multiple federal agents, both from the FBI and the USSS, witnessed this highly inappropriate meeting.

Multiple agents witnessed an extremely powerful man, whose wife was under investigation, meet the leader of that investigation (and prosecution) under clandestine conditions in a private jet on a tarmac.

None of them found it important to come forward at any point, it seems, with the information that the meeting was a purposefully planned one.

Any one of those agents could have served a ‘higher loyalty,’ as Comey suggested he did in his book (and with its title), and informed the American public that there was fairly obvious wrongdoing and that the American people were being lied to.

Instead, they kept quiet, and it took more than two years to find out the truth about why, exactly, the pair were having private conversations.

Incidentally, Paul Manafort is currently in a federal prison due to an alleged attempt to unduly influence a court case against him, conduct strikingly similar to what appears to be an attempt to unduly influence both an investigation and prosecution against a spouse by Bill Clinton.

IG Horowitz, an Obama appointee, has done a decent job of putting aside his political bias for the good of the country.  Why is it so hard for other government workers?

‘Hillary For Prison 2016’ was a common slogan during the last presidential election. Perhaps they should have added a second name to that sign.