PUBLISHED: 7:34 PM 5 Jul 2016
UPDATED: 2:48 AM 6 Jul 2016

If You’re A Conservative With A Weapon, This Group Is Targetting You

Whenever a person goes on a rampage and kills innocent people, the first instinct among many is to take away guns.  Well that is happening in California.  After a senseless mass murder near the University of California–Santa Barbara, a new gun control method is being put into law that will allow police to take the legally obtained guns away for up to three weeks.
shutterstock_387173050Elliot Rodger is the cause of this new law because he decided to kill seven people including himself near the college.  Rodger’s parents actually reported him to the police because of some warning signs that were evident.  He would go online and rant about various topics and might have had some declining mental health issues.

What his parents did was correct, but after the police investigated Elliot Rodger they had decided that he wasn’t a risk.  Well that turned out to be wrong as he went on that rampage.  Now because the police failed to see this they cost six people their lives.

Now a new law entitled AB1014 has gone into effect that will allow police to detain your guns for up to three weeks with a judge issued restraining order.  The biggest problem is that this happens only on accounts from family members or police.  Also the person who’s guns are getting seized may not know that they are having their guns seized.

There are different factors that go into place for a judge to grant this order. “Under the law, the factors a judge can consider in granting the restraining order include not only threats of violence, but also prior felony arrests (even without a conviction), evidence of alcohol abuse, and even the simple act of recently purchasing a gun or ammunition.”

California has some incredibly harsh gun laws to date and this law only makes them harsher.  After the three week detain period, a full court hearing is given.  At that time the judimagesge has the ability to detain the guns for up to a year.  Giving a judge the power to take a way a persons guns, even if legally obtained, isn’t the solution to stopping gun violence.

It’s a little ironic that when a terrorist that happens to be Muslim conducts an attack, liberals and democrats immediately make the claim that not all Muslims are like this.  Yet when there is a gun attack, they say that all guns are the problem.  Liberals and hypocrisy go hand in hand it seems.