Anti-Sharia Law Passed

PUBLISHED: 11:17 PM 21 Feb 2018

Idaho House Passes Anti-Sharia Law

Idaho House passed law forbidding any foreign law not in accordance with U.S. or Idaho freedoms or values.

Idaho passes ban on Sharia law.

The Idaho House State Affairs Committee just joined an exclusive club after passing an “American Court” bill banning Sharia law.

The anti-Sharia bill, which was brought forward and sponsored by Republican Rep. Eric Redman, would void any court ruling that relies “in whole or in part on any foreign law” that doesn’t align with U.S. or Idaho protections.

Referred to as the, “American Law for American Courts,” Redman’s bill seeks to forbid Sharia law because it is not in accordance with U.S. or Idaho protections for privacy, marriage, freedom of religion, or due process.

The bill follows recently proposed measures from the American Public Policy Alliance, a group led by Louisiana attorney Stephen Gele, which promotes state’s rights to preserve Western democracy against evil threats like Islamic law.

In a speech on the Idaho House floor, Redman made his case to his constituents by showing examples of the violence carried out by radical Islamic terrorists throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Redman told the panel: “One comment I heard was that I could possibly be a bigot. Well let me tell you something: My middle daughter is a teacher from Olympia, Wash., is married to a refugee from Cambodia and he is a Muslim. This is not about the religion.”

He showed how Sharia law, which is described in the Quran, calls for violence against Christians, demands homosexuals be murdered, and stripes women of essentially all basic human rights.

Redman’s case was very easy to make after showing how Europe has been completely overrun by violence from radical Islamists fueled by Sharia law.

As many Muslims closely follow and abide by Sharia law, we cannot afford to allow innocent civilians to be harmed like we have in many cases in Europe.

It makes no sense to allow this sick ideology into the U.S., and thankfully politicians are waking up and finally doing something about it rather than cower to these radicals.

Source: Creeping Sharia