ICE Raids 77 In California

PUBLISHED: 6:59 PM 2 Feb 2018

ICE Raids 77 Businesses, Liberals Panic As Agency Follows Through With Agenda

California may have thought they were immune to the stepped-up efforts of the agency, this proves they are not.

ICE is carrying out unprecedented raids to find illegal aliens.

Further proving President Donald Trump’s commitment to deporting illegal aliens, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency just carried out the largest such localized sweep of workplaces since he took office.

Federal immigration officials raided a whopping 77 businesses throughout Northern California this week, requesting proof workers were legally allowed to be in the United States or they would be apprehended.

Agents recently swept more than 100 7-Eleven gas stations across the country and arrested a reported 21 suspected undocumented immigrants.

ICE acting director Thomas Homan has made it clear this is just the beginning, promising there will be a “400 percent increase” in agents carrying out workplace operations.

James Schwab, a spokesman for the agency, said the raids reminded people the agency is committed to removing illegals and enforcing federal laws prohibiting businesses from hiring undocumented workers.

Schwab said the operation is part of a major strategy geared toward “focusing on protecting jobs for U.S. citizens and others who are lawfully employed, eliminating unfair competitive advantages for companies that hire an illegal workforce and strengthening public safety and national security.”

In a December interview with Fox News, Homan said he wanted to charge those shield illegal aliens and refuse to work with the federal government on immigration issues.

“We’ve got to take these sanctuary cities on. We’ve got to take them to court, and we’ve got to start charging some of these politicians with crimes,” he said.

ICE carrying out the largest raid in Trump’s presidency reveals the president’s commitment to secure our borders and citizens.

The Trump administrations determination to protect our southern border has played an unprecedented role in removing illegals, and ICE has vowed to ramp up efforts across the nation.

Rather than adhere to former President Barack Obama’s lax immigration policies that hampered ICE agents, Trump has given federal agents the full authority to do their job and keep our nation safe.

Source: SF Gate