PUBLISHED: 9:25 PM 22 Dec 2017

BREAKING: ICE Approves MAJOR Move As Trump Plan Cracks Down On DACA Plots

Trump's appointed DHS director, Kristjen Nielsen, is the final signature the proposal needs in order to be implemented.

Trump’s appointed DHS secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen, is the final signature the proposal needs in order to be implemented.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) has proposed a measure intended to deter irresponsible criminals from smuggling their children into the country illegally. The new policy has been signed off by ICE and is awaiting approval from Department of Homeland Security(DHS). It is now on the desk of the secretary of the DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen who will have to approve the new measure before it can be enforced by immigration authorities patrolling the border.

The policy would allow ICE to arrest criminal invaders who try to smuggle their children into the country and put their offspring into protective custody at shelters for juveniles. The parents would be sent to detention facilities to await their court date, separate from their children. The current policy allows families to stay together in custody while they await court hearings for their crimes.

This policy would deter many immigrants south of the border from crossing if they have children they love and care about. Mothers and fathers who know their children are going to be taken from them if they are caught illegally invading our country may reconsider their criminal intentions. In November 2017, 7,000 families were caught crossing the border from Mexico into the United States.

7,000 families crossed the border in November. This new policy will force many foreign nationals to reconsider their plans to illegally invade our nation.

Tougher policies are needed to combat the constant flow of thousands of criminals coming across our border every month. While separating families is not ideal, these criminals have no respect for our country and are robbing American children of their future. The Trump administration understands this which is why it supports taking severe measures to deter irresponsible criminals from breaking into our country with their children in tow.

Parents who bring their children into this country illegally are criminals and pose a danger to the well-being of their children. They have demonstrated their willingness to put their children’s lives at risk to so they may satisfy their greed. These unfit parents will stop at nothing in their quest to pillage the United States with no regard for the taxpayers of this country. They are dangerous criminals recklessly dragging along their children with abandon on their crime spree.

Their children will be far safer in the hands of protective custody. Juvenile centers do not encourage children to commit crimes. They will provide safe and secure facilities for these children to learn and grow. Their main focus is protecting children, unlike the parents who prioritized their insatiable lust of money and desire to steal over the safety and well-being of the ones they claim to love. These people have little regard for their own children and would pose an even greater threat to ours.

The Trump administration is serious about securing our border with Mexico and stopping these criminals before they have a chance to enter the United States. Prototype walls have been constructed, and they each stand at a staggering 30 feet tall. Once the wall is constructed, these criminals and their children will not be able to simply walk into the country. While the cost for the project will likely be a few billion, this represents only a fraction of the $116 billion illegals cost our country every year. The wall will also serve to cease the trend of previously deported criminal migrants from simply walking into our nation.

Illegal immigrants coming into this country bring with them some serious baggage. The fiscal responsibility Americans assume when we allow them to stay is overwhelming. Their presence is a significant contributor to the national debt which stands at over $20 trillion. On average illegal immigrants consume 700% more benefits than their net contribution to the system. They feel entitled to the money and services generations of Americans worked hard and struggled to create and maintain.

The director of DHS was appointed by President Trump and Nielsen’s is the last signature the policy needs before the new tactics may be implemented. Because the Trump administration fully supports the actions ICE has proposed, Nielsen will likely also endorse the measure as well. President Trump has empowered ICE to become a far more effective force in the raging battle between law enforcement and unscrupulous foreign nationals who are intent on invading our nation.