ICE Takes Stand

PUBLISHED: 6:09 PM 9 Feb 2019

ICE Acts In North Carolina With ‘New Normal’ Including Mass Arrests

Rather than wait for these illegal criminals to commit more crime, ICE in North Carolina conducted massive raids, netting 200 illegals this week.

ICE conducted massive raids in North Carolina this week, after sheriffs in the largest counties began refusing to cooperate with federal law.

After North Carolina’s largest counties defied federal law and cut ties with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, the agency is fighting back.

ICE explained that it has been forced to adopt a “new Normal,” which involves taking the battle to the streets and clearing them of the illegal alien presence.

Hundreds of criminals in the United States illegally were arrested this week.

“This is the direct conclusion of dangerous policies of not cooperating with ICE,” said Sean Gallagher, who oversees the agency’s operation in the Carolinas and Georgia. “This forces my officers to go out onto the street to conduct more enforcement.”

“Since December, newly elected sheriffs in the state’s two most populous counties — Mecklenburg and Wake — have reversed a policy that notifies ICE about the legal status of inmates in county jails. The Durham County Sheriff’s Office also ended the practice of honoring ICE detainers.

These changes, Gallagher said, have given the agency “no choice” but to conduct targeted enforcement, and many people are applauding the move.

“This is politics over public safety at its worst,” Gallagher stated.

“From Monday through Thursday, ICE officers detained 200 individuals in North Carolina alone, not counting another 25 who were arrested in an unrelated raid on an arms manufacturing plant in Sanford.

“Sheriffs in Mecklenburg, Wake and Durham counties — all of whom emphasized severing ties with ICE in their campaign platforms last year — defended this shift, rejecting the notion that it had made their jurisdictions more dangerous.

“And immigrant rights groups blasted ICE for stoking fear and using the decisions of local law enforcement to justify heightened ICE enforcement.”

“This is not new,” said Viridiana Martinez, an organizer for activist group Alerta Migratoria NC. “It’s just the first time since the sheriffs have drawn the line in the sand. To me, this is clearly in retaliation.”

Many people argue, so what?

These people are criminals. At least 25 percent of those arrested have criminal convictions, 20 percent of the one left have pending cases and another 25 percent have evaded deportation orders.

These people are law-breakers, and to suggest that arresting them is wrong is the height of insanity.

“Speaking to reporters and activists outside the office, Winston said he was told by Robert Alfieri, an ICE official, that the arrests represent a “new normal” because Mecklenburg County’s new sheriff, Garry McFadden, is not cooperating with federal immigration enforcement.”

Many people remember when Alabama would not comply with federal law concerning desegregation and ask if it’s time to call out the National Guard and round up every illegal immigrant in the United States once and for all.

In Durham County, Sheriff Clarence Birkhead “stands by his decision to end the practice of honoring ICE detainers.”

“It is unfortunate that ICE is now becoming more active in North Carolina, specifically in Durham,” Birkhead said in a statement. “The recent actions of ICE agents are making persons, in our community, afraid of law enforcement.”