PUBLISHED: 10:56 PM 11 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 11:01 PM 11 Oct 2017

“I Started To Hear Shots”: Vegas Hotel Worker Drops Bombshell As Superiors Warned

Maintenance man Stephen Schuck was there when it all began.

Maintenance man Stephen Schuck was there when it all began.

Maintenance man Stephen Schuck was there when it all began.

Stephen Schuck is grateful to be alive. It turns out that the Mandalay Bay maintenance workers somehow happened to be on the 32nd floor as shooter Stephen Paddock began firing. His story, along with the updated one of the security guard shot, are piecing together a more complete story of the minutes as the Las Vegas shooting began. Schuck’s narrative also confirms that the security officer was wounded before the killing.

Schuck says he was checking on a report of a jammed fire door when “I started to hear shots go off, they were not in the hallway yet.” The stunned man then got a warning from the security guard, “And as soon as they stopped, I saw Jesus [Campos] pop out because the doors in the hallway are set back about a foot. And he popped out and he yelled at me to take cover. As soon as I started to go to a door to my left, the rounds started coming down the hallway.” He knew he had to warn his superiors.

Schuck then speaks of feeling the shots go by his head and trying to figure out how to get to Jesus since it was clear he was wounded. Police have been forced to revise the timeline of the shooting due to the very late admission that the security guard was shot at the beginning of the massacre, not the end.

Schuck then made what was probably the first, or one of the first, call about the shooting, “I called over the radio what was going on. As soon as the shooting stopped we made our way down the hallway and took cover again and then the shooting started again.”

All of this new information is important and it is sad that it took so long for police to get it. Many have accused the police of lying, covering up details, and other wrongdoing. Those are easy accusations to make, however, an ongoing investigation of this massive scope is, at the very least, complicated. When people involve lie or don’t have the story correct at first, as the security guard must have about the timing of his wound, it makes it even more difficult. Therefore, the fault cannot be placed completely on the police.

As for Stephen Schuck, he says, “I’m incredibly blessed that somehow I came out of there alive.”

Source: Breaking 911