HUD Vows Full Cooperation

PUBLISHED: 8:29 PM 5 Apr 2018

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Vows To ‘Cooperate Very Much’ On Combating Illegal Immigration

Ben Carson makes it clear his agency stands with Trump on combating illegal immigration.

Carson vows to fully comply with DOJ to combat illegal immigration.

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson told Breitbart that his department will “cooperate very much” on combating illegal immigration.

During the interview Monday with the conservative publication, Carson said he has a plan to not only make Sanctuary States pay, but vowed a major HUD crack down was coming.

Carson said he is seeking to ensure federal contracting opportunities only go to “our people,” meaning Americans.

He said his agency is also committed to working with the Department of Justice to enforce U.S. federal immigration laws and prioritize American citizens.

Carson stressed numerous times that it was imperative that “our people” are able to accept and enjoy the full benefits offered by HUD. Given that American taxpayers fund HUD, this should not be a surprising stance. However, Obama’s eight years of kowtowing to illegals has made it one.

“What we want to do, obviously, is empower people – that’s a major goal that we have – our people, American citizens. Our programs are aimed at that,” Carson said.

He added: “Our tremendous emphasis on [the] Section 3 [program], for example – which has been on the books for 50 years – [which says] if you are receiving HUD money you have an obligation to hire people of low income in that area or to train them or to give contracts to them. It’s been largely ignored.”

Carson explained the agency is working to ensure incentives are put into programs to make sure Americans have access to housing and construction projects.

Acknowledging that construction is a top industry occupied by illegal immigrants, Carson said his agency is looking at new ways to combat the problem.

Given that HUD allocates billions in taxpayer funds to construction companies each year — with much of it going toward public housing — homes meant for Americans are not only going to illegals, they are being built by them.

There’s a cyclical effect with illegals dominating the construction industry and having homes built for them through government contracts — both of which are not good for American citizens.

When asked for specifics, Carson said HUD and the DOJ are looking into E-verify — an Internet-based system that makes it easy for employers to verify whether their employees are legally allowed to work in the country.

Carson also said HUD was considering tying its tax credits, grants, and cooperative agreements with businesses and developers to their enrollment in E-verify.

This would force entities to use E-Verify to continue receiving benefits from HUD, which would also root out illegals.

The new proposals from HUD would be a big step, and it further illustrates President Donald Trump’s commitment to combating illegal immigration and helping Americans.