PUBLISHED: 8:42 PM 1 Jun 2016
UPDATED: 9:07 PM 1 Jun 2016

Obama Issues National Alert, But It ISN’T What You’re Thinking

obama muslim

President Obama just came out and made sure to warn his current administration that an additional 10,000 refugees would be entering the United States in only a couple of months. Furthermore, John Kerry is helping the president see this task carried out and wants to introduce not 10,000, but one hundred thousand refugees into America. Clearly this is a huge issue. Mr. Kerry must have hit his head on something if he believes that allowing 100,000 additional Muslim soldiers into the country is a good idea for American safety. We already have enough incidents of terrorism and car bombs overseas. We don’t need more of that in America as well.

Obama doesn’t want to refugees to be screened because he said that it may be “offensive” to the refugees who go by a very “strict dress code that can’t be messed with.” We don’t have to take off their clothes Mr. President, but we do need to make sure they aren’t carrying any deadly weapons or devices that could be used to kill people.

On top of that the refugees that are pouring into the country aren’t even grateful and reports of complaints have already surfaced by the hundreds. They are saying that they aren’t being treated fairly because the “recreational facilities aren’t large enough” and there aren’t enough “hot baths.” Muslims like baths specifically as they believe it to be a holy way of cleansing their body to the gods. However, just any bath will do. The refugees are calling for holy “alter baths” to be constructed all around the refugee camps so that they can partake in their heathen rituals. That makes a lot of sense Mr. President; go ahead and allow countless radical Muslims to enter our country, and then give them the facilities so that they can continue to become more and more extreme.

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