Mass Shooting Solution

PUBLISHED: 8:29 PM 28 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 8:30 PM 28 Aug 2018

How To Stop Mass Shootings In America

Banning weapons doesn't work, so it makes sense to go in the opposite direction.

Reducing the number of guns is not the solution to mass murder.

The recent shooting in Florida has made me mad, and it further illuminates the problem that America has… but it’s not with guns. It’s a lack of guns.

Although the left will always try to make gun ownership the issue, society seems to have bred a generation that chooses mass murder as an effective way to solve everyday problems. Thanks, public school system.

Society seems to say: Are you mad about politics? Grab a gun and target the opposing side. Upset because people hurt your feelings with words? Get yourself a rifle and make them pay (plus you’ll be famous because the media is goose-stepping along with the globalist agenda, ready to make us all slaves). Can’t cope with the fact that you LOST A STUPID VIDEO GAME? Take you pistol and kill anyone who’s better than you.

Many people speculate on how to reduce the number of disgruntled teens who are willing to grab a firearm and kill innocent people. Everything from changing the age of gun ownership to complete disarmament has been suggested by the left, but as statistics show, those aren’t solutions at all.

Changing society would be the best solution… you know, teaching people to understand that life isn’t fair, and that there are winners and losers… but, such a change would be difficult to orchestrate at this point, with everyone addicted to the narcissistic high they get from thinking people care about every little aspect of their life on social media.

Personally, knowing where someone ate dinner or what they did last night isn’t big on my list of priorities, but social media now rules our lives, and that’s not going to change in the near future.

No, there’s only one way to stop mass shootings in America (and elsewhere, if leaders care to learn), and that involves arming every man and woman, age 18 and up, everywhere in the Unites States, and having everyone carry.

Even felons? Even snowflake idiots? Yep. Everyone trained, everyone armed, all the time.

Before you immediately discount this theory, there are some points to consider.

Let’s think about the most recent shooting. Forget the fact that this kid might have been taking mind-altering anti-depressants, and let’s ignore the fact that his pasty-white complexion indicates that he probably had extremely limited contact with actual REALITY, like sunlight, verbal conversations, and physical exercise.

And, let’s forget the fact that this guy was practically living in a fantasy world where he was in control of everything around him.

Imagine what would have happened if he’d walked back into the  GLHF Game Bar and opened fire, but everyone in the convention center was armed. I’m pretty darn sure that he may have hit one or two people, but that would be the last thing he did before he was riddled with bullets.

Sound savage? That’s where we’re at in society after decades of liberal controlling, institutionalizing brainwash—you know, the ‘violence is the never the answer’ crap beat into boys from the time they enter day care and other public indoctrination facilities, like schools.

Here’s a hint liberals: sometimes ‘violence’ is the only answer.

People who are against the ‘arming everyone’ argument always cry like little girls about a ‘wild west’ scenario, collateral damage, and other sissy-pants ‘what if’ consequences.

Firstly, I honestly don’t think the shootout time frame would be long. After arming crackheads, freaks, felons, and gangs (which are already armed), it could clean up the streets faster than deploying hundreds of SWAT teams.

And if—and I mean if—there were a few situations that involved bystanders, how would that be worse than what we have now?

Secondly, such a free-for-all wouldn’t last long, but the benefits of the armed population would have a lasting impact.

How many criminals would be anxious to try to beat, rob, or kidnap someone if they knew that not only the intended victim was carrying, but also everyone else around?

How many messed up teenagers would consider causing mayhem if they knew that they wouldn’t get famous for trying to kill as many of their peers as possible, but instead, would be gunned down the minute they opened fire on innocents?

You see my point.

It would also be another great idea to go ahead and abolish the public school system. Slash and divide up the billions and billions of federal and state tax revenue and distribute it among actual parents who have school age kids so they can pay for private or home schooling. Private schools can charge higher rates and employ lots of armed security, and people won’t be brainwashed anymore by the global leftist agenda. It’s win-win.

Public schools bring society down by creating an atmosphere that caters to the lowest common denominator.

Part of the reason, that America’s crime rates aren’t as bad as other nations, per capita, is the fact that criminals here don’t always know who’s armed.

In the good ol’ U.S.A. there’s always a chance that dummy-robber will break into the wrong house or that pervert-freak will mess with the wrong man’s daughter.

The solution isn’t less guns and more touchy-feely-you-can’t-offend-anyone education. The solution is an armed, polite society that doesn’t put up with the sort of bull sh*t crime that’s already taken over countries where the citizenry has been disarmed.

I am sick and tired of hearing the media moan and wail mass murders, while at the same time glamorize the murderer.

If we really want to end mass shootings, arming every American, 18 and up, is in my opinion, the only way to peace.