PUBLISHED: 3:04 PM 14 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 2:59 AM 13 Mar 2017

How to do a free online background check instantly

online background check

online background check

There are so many resources online to be able to find information about someone these days. Many websites you may find let you do unlimited searches as long as you pay a monthly fee, while other sites let you buy just the particular report on the person you are looking for. Then there are the promises of free searches and database sites that let you search public records and background info. We hope to dispel all the myths, answer burning questions and shed light on what you can expect to find when searching for someone’s background records online. We’ll also cover various data types such as criminal records, traffic tickets, and marriage or divorce records.

online background check

Full Online Background Check

Before you even start looking for a background check service, it’s best to ask yourself what is it you’d like to find out. Are you looking to find someone’s most recent address or telephone number? Are you looking to see if there are criminal records and convictions? Is the person you are interested in recently divorced or married?

Keep in mind that there might be incorrect and inaccurate information about you around the internet. Such as; being associated with your previous partner that you lived with during the time you were in a relationship with them. It could worse, such as being mistaken for someone else with a similar name and listed as a sex offender.

You also want to keep an eye out and watch for scam sites that try ripping you off. Make sure you look around several different sources and purchase a background search at the site that seems to have reasonable pricing. Paying over $100 for a background check is probably exorbitant.

We recommend looking for a site that charges a flat fee, such as monthly or weekly for unlimited reports, this way you can search and pull as many different reports on that person you can find. We’ll explain further on how there are records on the municipal or city level, county records and also state records. If you’re paying for each report, you’ll quickly rack up a bill looking for someone in various different places they may have lived.

Google searches could turn up interesting information about a person, especially if you search their name and put in the search box the city they live in currently. If that person has lived in multiple cities or states, you must search all those different places they’ve lived. This can definitely take some time, but it’s important to do so to get all the important details in that person’s background history.

For example, you might search someone that you know has lived in Houston, Texas their whole life, but you see somewhere in their address history that there is a residence address in Miami, Florida. They may have lived there for a short 1-2 year period. Little might you know that in Florida they ended up driving drunk and were convicted with a misdemeanor. If you only searched within Texas, you would have never known that person is a convicted offender in the state of Florida.

Don’t expect to see any important background details doing a casual Google search. Usually criminal backgrounds in the form of misdemeanors and felonies won’t appear and won’t be that easy to access the details on that case. You need to go through the different states and cities as there are records on the county and municipal level and also the state level. It’s a matter of covering your bases.

By trying to narrow down which type of record you are most interested in locating, it will make it easier for you start doing the appropriate searches online and start narrowing down a service that suits your particular need or needs.

County and municipal court houses house records and have websites. In our findings their service level is terrible and it’s painstakingly difficult to use. Good luck trying to call someone there to answer any questions for you. Some counties we came across field public records requests in the form of writing a letter to them with a self-addressed stamped envelope. It is shocking, but just crazy to hear that’s their procedure in this day and age. This can take weeks or months to get something back if anything from some county.

We recommend that you stick to selecting from the many background check sites for full criminal and traffic ticket histories on whoever you’re looking into. They do charge fees, but they’ll search that person’s name in every city, and state they have lived in and gather records from all the counties and cities doing all the leg work for you. Best of all, they have actual customer service, where a live person would be eager to help you refine your search. Unlike a county employee, it will be like trying to call your local DMV office for questions.

For a more comprehensive breakdown on what to expect and how to find certain information within a person’s background report, we’ve broken down criminal records, traffic tickets and also marriage and divorce records to help you find the information you’re looking for.