10 Counts of DOJ Injustice

PUBLISHED: 8:38 PM 7 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 8:40 PM 7 Jun 2018

How Many Ways Was Obama’s Justice Department Weaponized?

The number of ways that Obama’s Department of Justice and FBI were used as pawns by Hillary Clinton has Americans outraged.

Liberal rule no. 1: always accuse your adversary of the crimes you yourself commit.

How was Barack Obama’s Department of Justice weaponized by Hillary Clinton for her own evil ends? Let’s count the ways.

Democrats have been psychopathically pointing incriminating fingers at a mirror. Liberal rule no. 1: always accuse your adversary of the crimes you yourself commit. However, this goes way beyond outrage.

Ten incidents submitted to the court of public opinion expose the evidence that Hillary Clinton and her pawns at the Federal Bureau of Investigation colluded with Russia. In fact, there’s much more evidence of Clinton’s actions than there is against President Trump’s campaign workers. Mueller has zero proof of any illegal activity.

Eight of these points, compiled by Willis Krumholz for the Federalist, prove direct ties between the Clinton campaign, the Justice Department and the Kremlin. Two additional points fill in missing gaps.

1. CIA-connected Cambridge professor Stefan Halper. He was working undercover for the FBI when he called rookie staffer Carter Page. He weaseled Page and two other low-level advisers, George Papadopoulos and Sam Clovis, into a meeting. That’s how the “Russian connection” was forged.

The FBI claims the collusion investigation didn’t start until July, blaming “something Papadopoulos said to an Australian diplomat in May” as the event which pulled the trigger. However, the facts don’t back that story up.

Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud asserted he had close ties with Russia. He approached Papadopoulos with “information that could be damaging” to Hillary Clinton, Papadopoulos simply relayed to the Australian what the professor told him.

Page and Papadopoulos got charged by the FBI and wiretapped. Papadopoulos was charged with lying to investigators. He told the feds his calls and meetings with Mifsud happened “before he was on the Trump campaign.”

The DOJ gave Hillary Clinton a free pass but split hairs to charge Papadopoulos. “The contacts started after he learned he would be a foreign policy advisor for the campaign but before the campaign made a public announcement.”

2. Trump Tower meeting. The only thing actually “improper” about the Trump Tower meeting was Donald Jr. and Jared Kushner should have skipped it and waited for the summary. Listening to potential evidence about a campaign opponent who might be “subject to blackmail” is well within the rules of politics, and ignoring it would be ethically wrong.

The real crime was committed by Glenn Simpson, president of Fusion GPS. Simpson met with the two attending Russians before the meeting, then again afterward to find out what was said.

Simpson says those meetings were on a different subject, the “repeal of the anti-Kremlin Magnitsky Act.” That means Simpson was already taking rubles from the Kremlin.

3. The Logan Act. This is an obscure law from yesteryear that Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates used to “unmask” what President Trump’s newly appointed National Security Adviser Michael Flynn said on the phone with the Russian ambassador.

Despite that maneuver, the FBI tried to cover up that even Trump-hating Peter Strzok didn’t think Flynn did anything wrong, but they arrested him anyway. They charged him with lying to the FBI. When his money ran out and Robert Mueller coerced and intimidated him by threatening to “go after [his] son” he took a plea deal under duress.

Of course, liberals use that one ‘guilty’ plea to convince themselves that the Trump team was corrupt.

4. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. These never-Trumpers were key figures in both the Clinton and Trump investigations. They demonstrated a bias in favor of Hillary so strong it can be called “rabid fanaticism.”

Strzok was a ranking FBI investigator on the email server investigation while his adulterous lover Page was DOJ appointed legal counsel for FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Thousands of text messages they exchanged show the three schemed together to plot the collusion probe as an “insurance policy” should Hillary Clinton unthinkably lose the election.

5. White House inner workings. As President Trump was about to be inaugurated, McCabe scheduled a private meeting with Reince Priebus, White House Chief of Staff. Strzok and Page intentionally leaked a story that “Trump aides had multiple contacts with Russian intelligence.”

McCabe told Priebus he knew it wasn’t true. Priebus wanted to know why he didn’t just say that to the public. James Comey called Priebus back to tell him “the FBI couldn’t publicly shoot down the story.”

The next day’s leaks were “breaking news” on CNN that the White House was “pressuring the FBI” into suppressing the reports.

6. CIA Director John Brennan. He visited former Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) to brief him about the dossier in August, 2016. Not only did it legitimize the dossier, Reid was angry enough to put heat on the FBI to crucify President Trump.

As an “added bonus,” by speaking publicly about “Trump’s ties to Russia,” the media could spread his words across every screen and page.

7. WH Intelligence. When National Intelligence Director James Clapper told Comey to let President Trump know about what was blowing in the wind, a briefing was set up. Comey told the president about only one of the allegations, and it was not the big one. He never mentioned that Hillary’s campaign paid for it, or that the FBI was using it to get wire taps.

Once again, CNN had something to fill the headlines because “Clapper then leaked information about the dossier and the briefings to CNN.”

8. Jeff Sessions. The former senator may have been intimidated into stepping away from the Russia investigation. He met with former Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak in his office. They also chatted briefly at a rally. When Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) asked Sessions if he “colluded” with any Russians during the campaign, Sessions said no. Later the biased media reported the question as whether Sessions had ever “met” any Russians.

9. Veteran Rod Rosenstein. He chose Robert Mueller to lead the witch hunt, in what appeares to be a carefully coordinated series of events. A former FBI director himself and a person who allowed men to rot in jail despite the fact that he knew there was evidence to free them, Mueller could be trusted to put the interests of the Justice Department ahead of the facts.

10. Deep State stonewalling. With the sheer volume of evidence coming to light in the press, current officials at the DOJ and FBI started an active campaign of stonewalling and foot-dragging. They are still trying to cover it up.

Everything is crystal clear that the whole Trump-Russia collusion theory started with the Clinton campaign when they learned that the DNC was hacked.

When stolen documents showed exactly how the DNC stacked the deck against Bernie Sanders, focus groups showed that Hillary had a credibility problem. Voters were tired of the same old establishment status quo.

With one act of social engineering Clinton was able to solve both problems. The dirty dossier would splatter Trump enough to make him look dirty too. Hillary Clinton might be establishment but “change can be scary” became the new message.

Dirty tricks are nothing new under the political sun, but the way Hillary Clinton orchetrated Obama’s government prosecutors to wage a private election war is something we have not seen since Nixon’s Watergate. Not only that, it makes what Nixon did look “like the third-rate break-in it really was.”