Immigrant Vote

PUBLISHED: 9:31 PM 27 Jun 2018

House Votes Immigration Compromise Bill

Not a single democrat voted for the compromise bill, suggesting they're not interested in compromising to get what they want.

Congress voted on yet another immigration compromise bill. However, as with other attempts, this one also went nowhere.

Illegal immigration has been in the news almost constantly for the last few weeks, ever since a picture of the treatment of children in detention centers during the Obama presidency surfaced. Due to the importance that they place on it in the news and when preening themselves in front of cameras, it’s surprising, then, that the Democratic National Committee and its various leftist members aren’t that interested in passing legislation on illegal immigration.

Once again, the House rejected a bill, proposed by Republicans, that offered a compromise on the illegal immigration issue. Are the Democrats really interested in solving the issue at all? It certainly seems not, when they will even undermine a ‘compromise’ bill that includes amnesty language for the Dreamers they profess to care about so much.

The Republicans, who certainly seem more interested in compromise than the Democrats were in the last few years, proposed yet another compromise bill on illegal immigration.

However, the Democrats don’t seem interested in legitimate solutions, still, even though they have little to no power in the government.

Rather than voting in favor of the compromise bill, Democrats voted, en bloc, against it, as did 112 Republicans. The bill died in Congress, with only 121 votes in favor and 300 votes against.

The compromise bill offered a lot to Democrats, to be fair. Thank goodness for the republicans who have not sold out.

It provided a ‘pathway to citizenship’ for the ‘dreamers’ covered by Barack Obama’s DACA executive action.

In exchange, Republicans (and President Donald Trump) got $25 billion for building the border wall on the United States’ southern border, as well as various other border safety measures. They also ended the diversity lottery program, which brings people into the country based on their race, rather than their qualifications or background, and imposed limits on family-based immigration.

The bill also included language that would rescind the Flores settlement, which contains the ‘minimum standards’ and the 20-day wait limit for the detention of minors who happen to be illegal immigrant children.

Apparently, Democrats didn’t want to give up anything in exchange for giving 800,000-600,000 illegal immigrants covered by Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals orders, even though they assume that those illegals will likely vote for them if given the chance.

Conservatives opposed the bill because they felt it gave away far too much, including allowing a path to full citizenship for the illegal immigrants, which many termed as amnesty (as well they should).

One GOP aide told various news outlets that whatever they tried, it was tough to get people to come together on the bill, even from the party that wrote most of it.

Even with President Donald Trump pushing Republicans to pass the bill, it proved to be less popular than the more right-leaning version they pushed for weeks ago.

The bill fell apart when Republicans forced a discharge petition, which forced the Congress to hold a number of votes on illegal immigration legislation.

However, that more right-leaning bill still fared better, with 193 votes in favor and 231 votes against the passage of the bill.

The fact is that in order for the bill to come anywhere close to passage, Democrats are going to have to get on board with the idea that they have to give up something to get what they want.

They’ve spent the last eight years basically voting in a massive block on most difficult issues, and that cannot continue. They don’t have a progressive leftist president in the White House anymore, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to be able to count on the ‘blue wave,’ so they need to learn to play nice or resign themselves to not being able to push legislation they want through.

With Justice Anthony Kennedy’s resignation today from the United States Supreme Court, it is even less likely that they will be able to legislate through activist judges. Kennedy was considered a ‘swing’ vote on the court, and was generally unpredictable.

Likely, President Donald J. Trump will replace him with a solid constitutionalist, who will not vote for most leftist schemes that expand government power.

If Democrats want to make a deal on immigration, the best time for them to do it is now, when they actually have a bargaining chip. The longer they hold off, the worse it is likely to get for them, even if they truly believe that they will win the White House in the 2020 presidential election.

Furthermore, the longer they wait to pass a serious immigration bill, the less it will look like they care about illegal immigrants as anything other than a talking point to be trotted out at need.