Ryan Will Retire

PUBLISHED: 5:40 PM 11 Apr 2018

House Speaker’s Office Confirms, Paul Ryan Will Not Seek Reelection

He will officially retire in January.

House Speaker Paul Ryan's retirement sends a signal to Republican members and donors.

It’s official. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) told colleagues Wednesday morning that he will not seek re-election in November. His office followed it up with a confirming statement.

Washingtonians of the democratic persuasion are dancing but the real reason behind Ryan’s announcement hasn’t made the headlines.

Mr. Ryan “will serve his full term and retire in January,” Brendan Buck verified. “After nearly twenty years in the House, the speaker is proud of all that has been accomplished and is ready to devote more of his time to being a husband and a father.”

The most likely replacement as Speaker of the house is Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca). He has “first dibs.” If he does not want it, Steve Scalise (R-La) is waiting in the wings.

The liberal media is all over the story, like hungry sharks in a feeding frenzy.

At the first drop of Ryan’s blood in the water, when Axios leaked news of the impending announcement, left-leaning pundits declared that his decision heralds no hope for Republicans. Chances to hold the majority after the mid-terms just went out the window… or so they want you to think.

Mother Jones cheerfully reports, “his retirement sends a signal to Republican members and donors that the Party’s chances of holding a majority in November are narrowing and could depress morale among GOP members.”

Some Republicans are indeed worried. “It may encourage other Republicans to not run again, I think, more so than affecting the money,” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky) notes.

However, the ones who may consider making a change are the ones conservative voters have been complaining about for years.

Hardcore conservatives are also doing handstands over Ryan’s retirement, taking notice that despite being ignored in the media, their pleas really have been heard.

Republicans of the “centrist” ilk have been put on notice to either get with the program President Trump was elected to put into effect, or get out of the way.

Speaker Ryan’s announcement clears away the confusion and the voters can concentrate on replacing him with the best person to implement our President’s policies.

It is time to round up the Republican “in name only” RINO’s and get them out of government. Men like Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake (R-AZ) have seen the writing on the wall.

Yet, a Trump supporting maverick, like Ryan Bundy or Joe Arpaio, especially one who is running as an independent like Bundy is, could easily “split the ticket” in a three-way race between a Republican, a Democrat, and an Independent or Libertarian candidate.

There would be enough votes on both sides to prevent either of the conservative voices from walking away with the victory. Even a primary contest between two Republicans could have unintended consequences.

Dr. Kelly Ward had her sights on Capitol Hill for years. After losing her bid to oust John McCain in 2016, she decided to go after the seat Jeff Flake will be walking away from.

Ward was long considered the favorite as his replacement, but now former Sheriff Joe Arpaio is already siphoning off her votes.

Martha McSally (R-AZ) has taken the lead in the contest for Flake’s seat. Arpaio was popular in his job as Sheriff, where he was in his comfort zone, but has been blocked time and again as he has repeatedly tried to get elected Governor.

The concept of him as a Senator is terrifying to many Arizonans. He could end up confusing the election enough for a Democrat to prevail by default.

That is what Democrats are counting on to win Republican seats. It’s how America got stuck with Bill Clinton.

When Ross Perot ran for president as an independent candidate on a platform of conservative reform, he gained huge support. He demanded things like a balanced budget, allowing “direct democracy” through electronic connections between voters (crazy, unworkable idea) and those who represent them, and putting an end to outsourced jobs.

In June of 1992, he was beating both the incumbent, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton in the polls. When the voters got to the ballot box, he only scored 18.9% of the popular vote, largely because of his choice of a running mate, doddering retired Admiral James Stockdale.

Perot didn’t get a single electoral vote but managed to suck enough votes away from Bush to allow Bill Clinton to win and Hillary to become the shadow behind the throne.

This time around the dynamic is a lot different and Speaker Ryan can sense it. The voters are doing something unthinkable. They are voting for the candidate who promises to support the President and his mandated agenda, no matter what letter follows their name.

In Pennsylvania, a card-carrying Democrat actually got elected doing just that. Conor Lamb (D-PA) proved Democrat in name only DINO’s aren’t as extinct as everyone thought.

“I think Mr. Lamb was brilliant. He ran as a Republican. So, it worked for him. He certainly didn’t run as a Democrat,” Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa) acknowledges.