Republicans Probe Deep State

PUBLISHED: 5:27 PM 23 May 2018
UPDATED: 3:41 PM 25 May 2018

House Republicans Push For Second Special Investigation to Probe Deep State Actions

They issued a 12-page resolution with a clearly defined scope.

The republicans issued a resolution calling for a special investigation into the deep state and their treatment of Hillary Clinton, as well as their decision to spy on a political campaign. The outcome could result in a number of arrests.

After the New York Times broke the story of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s operation ‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ President Donald Trump was furious (and rightly so). It appeared that the FBI spied on his political campaign, with an extremely questionable legal basis. The president demanded that the Office of the Inspector General, part of the Department of Justice, investigate these claims. In a shocking move, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein approved this demand, likely knowing that the IG’s office had no authority to question key players in the alleged conspiracy who had since left their government positions.

It seemed that the deep state conspirators were safe. Now, to remedy the situation, a number of republican congressmen are demanding a new special investigation. They released a 12-page document outlining the scope of the investigation, which shocked Mueller by threatening to investigate his conduct as well as that of the ‘deep state.’

This special investigation would examine three things.

Firstly, it would investigate the conclusion of the Clinton email server investigation. At the end of the investigation, it was clear that the former presidential candidate broke the law; there was, without a doubt, classified information on her email server.

However, the FBI, under the leadership of James Comey, declined to press charges against Mrs. Clinton, saying that they could not prove ‘intent.’ However, the law concerning mishandling classified information does not require ‘intent;’ rather, it simply requires proof that the information was mishandled.

Secondly, the new special investigation would look into the ‘Trump-Russia’ investigation, and Robert Mueller’s handling of it, which has been questionable at best and patently dishonest at worst.

Thirdly, the investigation would review possible abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) during the process of applying for warrants that allowed the Barack Obama-era government to spy on the Donald Trump campaign and its senior members.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz has investigated some of these facets of possible Obama-era corruption already. However, he has no subpoena power, and thus couldn’t demand testimony from individuals who had already left government positions.

In order to properly investigate the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ claims of malfeasance, the investigating agency will need to be able to compel James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and John Brennan to testify.

The clandestine operation that spied on the Donald J. Trump campaign involved the Bureau. However, the agent that spied on the campaign, identified as Stefan Halper, also had a history of working for the Central Intelligence Agency stretching back decades.

That’s why the former Director of the CIA’s testimony could be important to the case, as well as the testimony of former Director Comey and Deputy Director McCabe of the FBI.

Sadly, Horowitz lacks the ability to compel any of them to testify, although agents in both agencies have claimed that they WANT to testify.

What could this new special investigation accomplish that the IG’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation hasn’t done already?

Well, with that additional power to subpoena both current and former government agents, it could turn up much more information about what happened at the Bureau leading up to Comey’s decision not to press for an indictment.

Most importantly, however, it could result in charges against Hillary Clinton, especially if the investigation finds that she exerted undue influence over the investigation.

Some may not recall, but the decision not to indict came shortly after her husband, former president Bill Clinton, met with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a private plane sitting on a tarmac in the southwestern United States.

However, that is not the limit of their possible influence. After all, the Clinton family (including their daughter) are extremely well-connected to politicians and bureaucrats, not to mention the sickening evidence found on Weiner’s laptop.

For example, the political organization of former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a powerful individual in the Democrat Party and a well-known Clinton ally, donated $500,000 to the local senate campaign of Andrew McCabe’s wife.

McCabe was the ‘number two’ person at the FBI at the time, and he had a large role to play in most matters the Bureau handled, especially concerning the Hillary Clinton investigation.

He also repeatedly leaked information to the press in an attempt to damage President Donald J. Trump’s reputation, then lied about it to federal investigators. In fact, his misconduct played a large role in his dismissal from the agency.

A special investigator could find evidence to support numerous ‘conspiracy’ charges against government bureaucrats and leftist politicians.

The investigation might even be able to make good on the popular slogan, ‘Hillary for Prison 2016.’

Misconduct by government executives should always be taken seriously, no matter what party they favor. If even half of the claims surrounding the Obama-era leadership of the FBI and CIA are true, this investigation could uncover a bigger scandal than Watergate, and lead to multiple arrests.