School Bill Passes

PUBLISHED: 4:01 PM 15 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 5:58 PM 15 Mar 2018

House Passes Bipartisan Bill Designed To Stop School Violence

It passed the House with a vote of 407 to 10.

Even Ryan (pictured) seems to be waffling.

After 9/11 happened, calls were heard to “do something.” That foolhardy, knee-jerk reaction gave to America “The Patriot Act,” one of the worst breaches of the Constitution in U.S. history. Having learned nothing from that debacle, the House of Representatives “on Wednesday afternoon overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill to prevent gun violence in schools,” according to Fox News.

Thankfully, some Second Amendment respecting republicans control “the chamber” and they have “made clear earlier in the day that they have no plans to impose any gun bans.” The vote was “unofficial” on “the STOP School Violence Act with the numbers proving to be “407 to 10.” Vets who face financial problems can lose their guns as this bipartisan screed as a hidden provision threatens to become the law of the land.

We believe the best way is to focus on stopping people who should not be getting any guns from getting guns in the first place,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). He and many other RINOs were on parade as the second amendment was spoken about as if it was negotiable.

Much of this ridiculousness stems from the 17-minute walkout (one for each Florida victim) that saw kids using the shooting as an excuse to ditch school. Most of those who walked out could not even find the state on a map, most likely. However, they know how to get out of class. Most adults today will admit that they too would have jumped at the excuse if it had been presented to them during their school years.

“I used to tell my community and my officers that I don’t want to be the best first-responder to a mass-casualty event. I want to prevent that event before it occurs. And that’s what (this bill) will do,” said Representative John Rutherford (R-FL). This supposed Republican is “a former sheriff who sponsored the STOP bill.”

He added, “This bill gives students, teachers (and others) the tools to recognize the early-warning signs to prevent violence from even entering our school grounds.” He feels that this is just “one more step” to stopping such acts of violence, which is almost exactly the excuse that Stalin, Mao, and Hitler used to trample gun rights in their countries.

The sneakiest part of the bill is how it aims to steal the gun rights from veterans (who are the best trained to own them, ironically enough). ANY vet who becomes homeless could lose his or right to bear arms overnight. Somehow, losing one’s home means that they have forgotten how to properly own a gun.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said before the votes were taken that he felt that the strong bipartisan support would show on this issue, yet many on the right are wondering why the only time such unity is shown is when it is the G.O.P. capitulating to the left.

Democrat Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) even admitted as much when he said, “The fact is, we know the kinds of steps that have to be taken to do that.” He is licking his chops hoping for even more measures in the future to hold back gun ownership and to stifle the second amendment.

The U.S. suffered the same misfortunate letdown from the nation’s leaders when, during the reign of President Bill Clinton, he and the left pushed through the assault weapons ban. It was later and wisely overturned when it was not only found to be unconstitutional, but useless. It was discovered that criminals still had such weapons but the law-abiding man or woman did not.

Therefore, everyone who supports gun rights and who knows the facts need to be making just a much noise as these children are with their walkout.

If not, then gun owners have only themselves to blame when our leaders, who think like children, take away the rights of everyone.