PUBLISHED: 11:42 PM 19 Dec 2017

JUST IN: House Panel Interviews Key Witness As Infamous Document Examined

David Kramer was grilled by the House Intelligence Committee today.

David Kramer was grilled by the House Intelligence Committee today.

The House Intelligence Committee interviewed David Kramer today who is considered a key witness regarding the infamous Fusion GPS anti-Trump dossier. Kramer is a former State Department official who is also an associate of Senator John McCain.

Kramer has been involved with the dossier since January when it was first published by BuzzFeed News. Shortly after that, it was revealed that both McCain and Kramer knew about the document since November of 2016 when they were informed about it by Sir Andrew Wood, a business associate of Christopher Steele.

Kramer traveled to London later that month to actually meet with Steele. The trip was allegedly arranged at the request of McCain. The senator even managed to get Fusion GPS to hand over a copy of the document. Fusion GPS was hired by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton to compile the dossier. In turn, they hired Christopher Steele, a former British spy to gather information.

So far, Kramer has refused to respond to questions about his knowledge of the dossier. A vital inquiry has been whether he was the one responsible for giving the document to BuzzFeed News.

Kramer is one of only a small group of people who physically handled the complete 35-page document before BuzzFeed published it. McCain, Steele, and Fusion GPS are on that list and they have all denied being responsible for it.

Lawyers for the Russian businessman suing BuzzFeed, Aleksej Gubarev have attempted to obtain a deposition from Kramer with no success. Last month it was disclosed in court filings that Kramer had been dodging their subpoenas.

Senator McCain, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal are also allegedly dodging service of subpoenas.

Kramer’s testimony could be new territory for the investigation. It is unclear if charges would be filed if he admits to having leaked the dossier.

Source: The Daily Caller