PUBLISHED: 5:08 PM 28 Apr 2017

House Oversight Committee Hearing On Border Wall Complete: “Wall Built Right Away”

US Border Wall

Americans Want The Border Wall Built Right Away.

Arguably the biggest reason that President Donald Trump was such a hit with potential voters was his honesty. He spoke about the lax border policies that were negatively affecting the country. Upon making those speeches, Trump talked about building a wall on the border of Mexico and the United States.

A border wall is significantly harder to get through than a fence. Many people realized that and they went to the polls to vote for Trump. Unfortunately, a border wall hasn’t been put in place yet, mostly due to Democratic, and some Republican, opposition. It hasn’t been lost on the voters either.

The National Security Subcommittee of the House Oversight Committee had a hearing about President Trump’s wall promise. They had testimonies from people both speaking for and against the construction of the wall. In the end, it was proven that at least one thing was clear. American’s want the “wall built right away.”

The chairman of the Subcommittee, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) put the issue before the testimonies. He cited Israel’s border wall, which is highly successful, as a model for the United States.

“The construction of a security fence on the Israel-Sinai Border cut illegal entries from over 16,500 in 2011 to just 43 in 2013 and 12 in 2014 — a 99 percent decrease.” Rep. DeSantis also chided the Democrats claim about the price of the wall. They say it would be $70 billion, when in reality, an Obama-era employee estimated the cost being $14 billion in January.

Democrat Chuck Schumer Wants To Derail The Trump Train Like Most People Want To Breathe Air

Democrats Were Incredibly Wrong About The Cost Of The Border Wall.

Democratic members then took their turn to speak. As expected, they used the time to destroy the idea of the wall. They used video from #NeverTrumpers like Senator John McCain (R-AZ) about how it was unlikely to get Mexico to pay for the wall, like Trump promised.

One of the people who testified was Maria Espinoza. She’s the national director of the Remembrance Project, which is a non-profit organization that represents victims of illegal immigrant crime. She even said, “We want the wall built right away …”

Arguably the most prominent “angel mother” is Agnes Gibbony, and she was there to testify. She spoke right after Espinoza and carried her own tale of immigration problems. Gibbony’s son was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant who was previously deported. Eventually he was put in prison, but is set to get out in a little under three years.

She also pointed out that the true amount of illegal immigrant crime isn’t properly documented. “I will forever miss all the tomorrow and everything that was taken from me, all because of broken open borders … Hundreds of victims, innocent lives. I wonder how many more there are, because our government does not keep statistics on illegal aliens’ crimes.”

Even though the Department of Homeland Security had announced a new office, called the “Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement” or VOICE, it’s not enough. The angel mom discussed the culture of giving illegals sympathy, while people like her are too often ignored.

Steven A. Camarota, the Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies, which is also a non-profit organization focusing on immigration consequences, also spoke out. He spoke about the economic benefit of having the wall.

Border wall

There’s An Economic Benefit To The Wall, In Addition To A Safety Benefit.

Using proper research, he found that tax payers spend roughly “$75,000 per illegal border crosser.” That number only goes up if the illegals have children, to about $94,000. The number is so high because these illegals are unskilled, which has a devastating effect on the common taxpayer.

He also said that the wall could save the country money. “If we were to stop just 9-12% of those crossers in the next decade, it would generate $12-$15 billion in savings…in effect, the wall could pay for itself even if it kept out a small fraction of people expected to come.”

Others who testified included Agent Brandon Judd, the President of the National Border Patrol Council. He spoke about his personal experiences. He also said that he doesn’t think there should be 2,000 miles of wall. Rather, they should be in strategic locations.

Of course, there were people that were opposed to the idea, and it shouldn’t be surprising that they were former Obama officials. Seth Stodder, an Assistant Secretary in the DHS under Obama, called it a “massive waste of billions of taxpayer dollars.”

While he mocked the wall, Stodder did agree that “our immigration system is indeed in crisis.” However, he said this was because of the “straining from the flow of Central American asylum seekers.” Agent Judd was asked if the drop in border crossings was because of the new “posture” of the Trump administration. He said it was.

However, there was also a warning. “But I must warn you. We’re in a ‘honeymoon period.’ We have to continue to enforce the laws, because if we don’t, illegal immigration is going to go back up.”

Illegal immigrants being turned over

Illegal Immigration Is Down Right Now, But It Could Go Back Up At Any Point.

Unfortunately, illegal immigrants are getting help from people. Even the Koch Brothers, who are known as Conservative donors, are doing what they can to help illegals. They are helping them obtain driver’s licenses, which gives them a form of ID. If they have this, it’s easier to resist ICE orders. 

Democrats are joining in on this. They want to have all the illegals in the country stay here for some reason. During President Trump’s first speech to Congress, the Democrats there decided to bring illegal immigrants to prove a point. Two months later, it’s still difficult to know what that point is. 

The bottom line is this. Americans voted Donald Trump in because of his policies. They like the idea of having the wall built because of the economic and safety impact it will have. Democrats, or Republicans, who continue to get in the way are going to face a harsh reality once the midterm elections come through.