Dems Target Christians

PUBLISHED: 6:53 PM 20 Sep 2019

House Dems Target Christian ‘Hate Groups’ Claiming “Vile… Division”

Using information gleaned from the Southern Poverty Law Center, an alt-leftist organization that labels many Christian organization as “hate groups,” the democrat controlled Ways and Means committee is trying to strip them of their tax exempt status.

Democrats are trying to destroy a number of Christian organizations that protect First Amendment liberties. (Source:

Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee are busy… busy trying to eliminate that tax exempt status of more than 60 supposed ‘hate groups,’ many of which are simply evangelical organizations that support Biblical principles and some are advocate groups designed to protect the First Amendment rights of Christians.

(5/5): These remarks are vile and only work to perpetuate hate crimes and stir division. There is no reason the U.S. government should continue to subsidize groups like these – Ways & Means Dems are shining a light on this issue today.

— Ways & Means Committee (@WaysMeansCmte) September 19, 2019

Most of the groups named in the targeted campaign have been identified as ‘hate groups’ by the suspect Southern Poverty Law Center, itself an extreme leftist organization.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Some of the bigger organizations on the list include the fundamentalist Protestant group American Family Association, which opposes gay rights, the anti-immigration organization Federation for American Immigration Reform, the conservative think tank the Center for Security Policy, and the socially conservative group the Family Research Council.

The groups were designated as “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that itself is controversial and whose founder was fired this year for misconduct.

The Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee held a hearing Thursday focused on “How The Tax Code Subsidizes Hate,” at which Democrats said they were concerned about the government subsidizing groups that millions of Americans would find abhorrent and Republicans said they feared that First Amendment rights could be infringed ending some groups’ tax-exempt status.

The subcommittee heard from multiple victims of mass shootings, who shared their stories and asked the congressmen to take legislative action to eliminate the tax benefits given to nonprofit groups that may proliferate hate and discrimination.

No legislation has been proposed at the moment.

However, curiously absent from the list is antifa and other alt-left groups. Check out the ones they’re targeting:

Tax-Exempt Charities the Southern Poverty Law Center Lists as Hate Groups


Organization Location Annual revenue
Abiding Truth Ministries Anaheim, Calif. $100,363
American Border Patrol Sierra Vista, Ariz. $930,541
American College of Pediatricians Gainesville, Fla. $88,991
American Family Association Tupelo, Miss. $29,790,357
American Freedom Defense Initiative New York, N.Y. $729,031
American Freedom Law Center Chandler, Ariz. $1,022,916
American Immigration Control Foundation Monterey, Va. $511,557
American Vision Powder Springs, Ga. $303,936
Brother Nathanael Foundation Priest River, Ind. $233,897
C-Fam Washington, D.C. $1,657,233
Californians for Population Stabilization Santa Barbara, Calif. $1,181,416
Campaign for Children and Families, aka Save California Sacramento, Calif. $217,241
Center for Security Policy Washington, D.C. $4,562,641
Chalcedon Foundation Vallecito, Calif. $795,997
Christian Action Network Forest, Va. $1,055,190
Christian Anti-Defamation League Vista, Calif. $156,479
Christian Home Educators of Colorado, aka Generations With Vision Parker, Colo. $1,292,570
Citizens for Community Values Cincinnati, Ohio $460,366
Citizens for Community Values Foundation Cincinnati, Ohio $0
Conservative Citizens Foundation Old Monroe, Mo. $0
Coral Ridge Ministries Media, aka D. James Kennedy Ministries (formerly known as Truth in Action) Fort Lauderdale, Fla. $5,709,355
Council for Social and Economic Studies Washington, D.C. $40,114
David Horowitz Freedom Center Sherman Oaks, Calif. $7,532,891
Family Research Council Washington, D.C. $15,420,182
Family Research Institute Colorado Springs, Colo. $59,911
Federation for American Immigration Reform Washington, D.C. $8,594,856
Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation Vienna, Va. $41,090
Florida Family Association Tampa, Fla. $209,625
Friends of Intelligence Practitioners, aka Citizens for National Security Boca Raton, Fla. $114,053
Global Helping to Advance Women & Children, aka Family Watch International Gilbert, Ariz. $350,909
IHS Press Norfolk, Va. $0
Illinois Family Institute Carol Stream, Ill. $540,400
In the Spirit of Chartres Committee Carrollton, Va. $0
Israel United In Christ Newburgh, N.Y. n/a
Jihad Watch Manchester, N.H. $68,442
Legion for the Survival of Freedom, aka Institute for Historical Review Santa Ana, Calif. $39,021
Liberty Counsel Orlando, Fla. $5,572,566
Masjid Al Islam Oakland, Calif. $7,200
Nation of Islam Mosque 74 Indianapolis, Ind. n/a
Nation of Islam of Atlanta Community Education Center Atlanta, Ga. n/a
National Policy Institute Whitefish, Mont. $125,325
New Century Foundation Oakton, Va. $243,861
Pacific Justice Institute Sacramento, Calif. $1,984,878
Pacific Justice Institute-Center For Public Service Sacramento, Calif. $0
Pass the Salt Ministries Hebron, Ohio $90,376
Probe Ministries International Plano, Tex. $651,324
Robert Sungenis/Catholic Apologetics International Publishing State Line, Pa. $139,890
Ruth Institute San Marcos, Calif. $262,113
Samanta Roy Institute of Science and Technology Green Bay, Wis. $970,378
Servant of Jesus & Mary Constable, N.Y. $4,873,280
Sharkhunters International Hernando, Fla., $0
Tradition in Action Montebello, Calif. $231,586
Traditional Values Coalition Education and Legal Institute Anaheim, Calif. $67,728
United Families Foundation, aka United Families International Gilbert, Ariz. $0
VDARE Foundation Litchfield, Conn. $293,663

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n/a Not available
Note: Revenue figures are for the most recent year for which data are available, usually 2014 or 2015.
Source: Internal Revenue Service, Southern Poverty Law Center