Dems To Ban Ammo

PUBLISHED: 5:01 PM 21 Aug 2019

House Democrats Return Early To Ban Ammunition

Many people argue that democrats are determined to create a slave state where no one has the right to own any sort of firearm, except of course, their own bodyguards.

Nadler wants to control ammo sales.

Democrats in the House of Representatives, at least some, plan to go back to D.C. early and get started on how to do what they do best: destroy the constitution, disarm and de-educate the population to advance a slave-state existence like Venezuela.

The ‘goal’ at this point, is to ban ammunition and scary ‘high capacity magazines.’

Gun control legislation remains a top priority for liberals, who couldn’t care less (many people argue) about mass shootings, but want to ensure that the majority of Americans are denied their Second Amendment rights.

They argue on points like ‘self-defense’ and other nonsense, and infringe as much as they can on the right to keep and bear arms.

Democrats and the liberal media use ‘mass shootings’ as a way to push their agenda, all while claiming that if people didn’t have these weapons, we’d all be safer.

However, many experts disagree and point to statistics like in London where guns are prohibited, but violence and murder continues to skyrocket.

MSN ‘reported’:

The House Judiciary Committee announced a Sept. 4 vote on a group of measures aimed at reducing gun violence. [Yeah, right]

“For far too long, politicians in Washington have only offered thoughts and prayers in the wake of gun violence tragedies,” Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., said. “Thoughts and prayers have never been enough. To keep our communities safe, we must act.”

The Democrat-led House passed a universal background check bill in February but the GOP-led Senate has ignored it so far due to a lack of significant Republican support.

House Democrats are nonetheless ready to advance additional gun control measures. Nadler said he’ll take up a measure that would ban high-capacity ammunition magazines, which were used in a string of deadly mass shootings this summer.

The committee will vote to advance the ammunition ban measure on Sept. 4 and plans a Sept. 25 hearing on banning “military-style assault weapons,” Nadler said.

[Of course, such a definition is both vague and ridiculous, Nadler’s screaming aside.]

Nadler will also hold a Sept. 4 vote on the Extreme Risk Protection Order Act, which would provide grants to encourage states to impose “red flag” laws allowing law enforcement to remove weapons from people who are deemed dangerous to themselves or others. The panel will also consider a measure that would establish procedures for obtaining extreme risk protection orders in federal court.

[Red Flag laws have resulted in the deaths of innocent people and make it possible for anyone with a vendetta to disarm their target simply by claiming ‘danger.’]

Such ‘solutions’ really create more problems and death, many people argue, but that’s never stopped democrats before,  and won’t stop them now.