PUBLISHED: 5:20 PM 24 Mar 2017

Horrifying: “Religion Of Peace” Strikes Again As Muslims Worldwide Celebrate London Attack Like 9/11


So many Muslims have celebrated terror attacks and praised Allah for them and yet the left pretends that it is rare and isolated.

When Donald Trump was on the campaign trail leading up to his White House victory, he made more than a few factual statements that angered the PC left. One of those things that he said was that many Muslims danced merrily and celebrated when the Twin Towers fell. The Democrats tried to pretend that it never happened while those alive at the time vividly remember the many videos that were aired of the reverie as it unfolded live. While a few videos have managed to be found proving Trump correct, many of them were MSM video shots, which are now hidden and denied.

Things are a lot different in 2017. Today people have more storage space on their cell phone than they did on their whole PC in 2001, if they could even AFFORD a computer at the time. That means that unless something happens like massive solar flares that magnetically wipes the Earths millions of hard drives and storage devices, the fact that Muslims happily pranced during the London attacks of 2017 will NOT meet the same fate.

Many who practice the supposed religion of peace have been found on France 24’s Arabic live news stream posting thumbs up emoticons and even smiley faces! Some Islamists said “God curse the infidels,” while still others chillingly proclaimed, “That’s how the lone wolves of Allah operate.” It seems like the religion is only peaceful to some. While some Muslims say that they are peace loving, others claim a man dying in the street as he bleeds to death is a cause for celebration and shows how “Allah operates.” If so, then Allah is not being thought by some of his flock to be very peaceful.

According to Infowars’s  Paul Joseph Watson, “Al Jazeera English’s live video feed” was yet another source of fright when one understands that  in response to the joy seen there, “just two out of 26 respondents react with a sad or angry face.” Only two out of 26 people on an English speaking feed are upset at the comments praising death to innocent people? Many reading it may have been disgusted by it, but were not brave enough to publicly shame the comments or even thumb them down with an emoji. So while not part of it, they were not willing to a voice against it, either. They “tolerated” it.


Scenes like this were praised by at least 26 Muslims on France 24.

I am watching Al Jazeera live. You wouldn’t believe the number of likes, ‘well done”’and [sic]’allahu akbar,'” said one person watching it named Aldo Sterone. We also have information showing that on Facebook, a man referred to as “a prison officer in the UK” posted upon his wall that “Yesterday we had Muslims on the unit high fiving and cheering the news of the attacks.” Most disturbing of all was the fact, instead of those cheering being reprimanded, the officer who COMPLAINED almost lost his job. Really allow that to settle in; SOME MEMBERS OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AND OFFICERS IN THE UK WERE CELEBRATING AS RADICAL ISLAM KILLED SOME OF THEM.

Sure, as Watson also points out, “This doesn’t mean that all Muslims celebrated the terror attack and undoubtedly most of them would condemn it,” but we know the real problem here. Democrats and those on the PC left don’t want to hear stories about non-radical Muslims being celebratory when radicals kill people because it exposes their lie. Sadly, even if we wish that it were not true, many Muslims who are considered “normal” actually support much of what is done by terrorists, even if they themselves refrain from it.


Nation’s that keep getting bombed and terrorized by radical Islam keep calling it “peaceful.”

We know from surveys that one in three Muslim youth in France are sympathetic to those that commit terror and use violence to achieve their goals. Bear firmly in mind that this is one in three that ADMIT IT. How many more were not willing to do so, yet harbor the feelings secretly? These questions need to be asked since a study has shown that 42 percent of Muslims ranging in ages from 18 to 29 find suicide bombers to be sometimes “justified.” We have produced a whole generation of brainwashed youth who think that blowing one’s self to smithereens in the name of god and hurting/destroying life can be a justifiable act.

We have also raised more than one generation that “gets used” to anything, too. This is actually a much larger problem than that of so many Islamists thinking that murder is sometimes acceptable. The majority of people alive today in the West accept some very dangerous things that all disprove one another. For instance, we think that government/authorities will one day be able to control this terror even as they lose control before our very eyes. We see them bleeding to death on the road and still question if we need guns, do we not? We have a terrible habit of getting used to anything, even terrorism.


Those within Islam in many instances are just as sure that Muslims should bring war and terror as others are that it is not to do so. How do we know who to trust?

This is clear by news reports that show that those in the EU are finding terrorism to be common, as if it has just been accepted as the new normal. Sputnik reports that terrorism is looked at as, “routine,” and that people who have entered their nations are now going to start detonating bombs in markets and during Parliament meetings. This sedated state can last and grind on for long enough that the whole culture is conquered by Islam (something that often happens) or the people can understand that they are VOTERS. Votes can change things, just ask Brexiters.

However, leaving the union now, while helpful, is like buying a birthday gift for a dead man. The time to really act with an exit from the EU was before the borders were opened by Merkel. Granted, fleeing the union now will prevent some of what is going to be a most terrible economic crash from becoming more than a nation by nation crisis, but even then, the crisis is going to happen since the refugees are already there. At this point, an exit is not going to do much except regain sovereignty. This regaining of individual state power will prevent some other tragedy from being used to allow such border neglect from happening in the future, though. If that is “all” that it does, then it will still be something that every EU member state may want to consider before the next bombs go off.