PUBLISHED: 9:09 PM 1 Jun 2017

Horrid: What Barron Yelled After Seeing Griffin Holding His Dad’s Head Is Heart-Wrenching

Barron Trump was overcome with emotions in reaction to the tasteless joke of Kathy Griffin.

Barron Trump was overcome with emotions in reaction to the tasteless joke of Kathy Griffin.

Barron Trump was overcome with emotions in reaction to the tasteless joke of Kathy Griffin.

By now most people have seen the tasteless and disturbing image of comic Kathy Griffin holding what appears to the be severed head of President Trump. Shock waves hit the airwaves as many weighed in on the fact that not only were these images disgusting but they simply went well beyond any level of comedy. One reaction to these pictures does not seem to be hitting mainstream media, the heart-wrenching fear felt by Barron Trump.

As an adult who may have recognized Griffin and realized the images were, in fact, fake, the pictures were gross and out of line. For 11-year-old Barron, the image flashed on the screen as he watched a television program. The image was breaking news, and what Barron saw was a flash of what he thought was truly the severed head of his father. At that moment, this was not a political statement or a joke. The fearful scream of a child as he thinks he is witnessing that his father has been murdered changes this whole scene.

According to an account of the event:

“The photo of liberal actress Kathy Griffin holding a fake severed head of Donald Trump has been widely condemned, but it may have made a particularly disturbing impression on one person: The 11-year-old son of the president.

According to a report by the celebrity news magazine TMZ, Barron Trump was horrified by the bloody image of his father’s head when it appeared on the television he was watching.

“Trump family sources tell us Barron was in front of the TV watching a show when the news came on and he saw the bloody, beheaded image. We’re told he panicked and screamed, ‘Mommy, Mommy!’” the magazine stated.”

The moment when a screaming child realizes he is viewing what appears to be the head of his father on display for everyone to see on television is not something anyone should have to watch their child deal with. While the first family is often in the media spotlight, these terror-filled moments were highly personal and traumatic for the family. Griffin seemed not to have an understanding of the possibility that someone may not see the humor in her work.

The point of the “joke” was to get attention, and in that way, Griffin was ultimately successful. She became a hot topic and was trending on social media. For some in the entertainment business, even bad press is good press. The comic is known for pulling extreme stunts for attention, and this time she did not seem to care that these images were quickly everywhere.

That one single image spoke volumes on the new low Griffin took for attention. It also speaks to the fact that the liberal media did not put much thought into plastering the image all over television, social media, and printed materials. Adults may quickly understand the picture was fake, but this is not the case for children.

The Trump family on a rare trip with Barron in front of the press.

The Trump family on a rare trip with Barron in front of the press.

Melania Trump was not acting as the First Lady in the moments she witnessed her son seeing these shocking images. She was a heartbroken mother trying to shield her son from the hate that was being launched at their family. In a statement from Melania Trump:

“As a mother, a wife, and a human being, that photo is very disturbing. When you consider some of the atrocities happening in the world today, a photo opportunity like this is simply wrong.”

Sadly Barron is not the only child that would be hurt by this disgusting image. The adult Trump children also struggled with addressing the image, and its meaning, with their children. The ripple of this hurtful and disgusting image hurt them as they were forced to deal with the image of their beloved grandfather being murdered. In this case, their parents were able to discuss the picture with them before they were shown it by someone else. Barron sadly saw the image in the same moments that it became public via a television broadcast. His mother not only had to deal with her shock at that moment but also try to help her terrified child.

Donald Trump Jr. was forced to address the disturbing image with his kids. He shared his frustration on social media about the need to talk to his young children about the hateful and gross picture before it became a topic of conversation at their school. Not only did Griffin traumatize these kids, but she shattered a basic level of safety and security no child should experience. Children at that age should not be worrying about anyone cutting the head off of their father or grandfather.

It seems the grandchildren at least had some warning before viewing the image. Barron was not prepared as it hit the media and his reaction was simply described by the following report:

“The Trump family member explained that the president’s son did not know the context of the fake but disturbing image, and was shocked. “He’s 11. He doesn’t know who Kathy Griffin is and the head she was holding resembled his dad,” the source reportedly said.”

A child is not going to understand the picture Griffin used as a publicity stunt was a sad joke. While the image is graphic and shocking for all children, for those with a personal tie to the president, is it downright damaging.

As President Trump tweeted:

In true liberal form, of course, some unsavory characters came out the woodwork to comment on the picture. Fellow comic Rosie O’Donell attacked the 11-year-old instead of, at the very least, realizing he is a child. She would turn the gut-wrenching cries of a child into a joke punch line as she asked why he was watching television. It seems Griffin was not the only one willing to stoop to all time new lows for media attention.

The supports of much of social media against this joke taken way too far includes some more colorful characters. Roseanne Barr got the last word on her Twitter with a simple message:

“two of my grandsons r [sic] Barron Trump’s age. I would slap the fu** out of any bi*** or any pr*** who upset them-trust me on that.”