Hooded Gunmen Kill

PUBLISHED: 8:34 PM 21 May 2018

Hooded Gunmen Converge In France, Killing One

Three vehicles with the masked individuals arrived in the Marseilles district of Busserine, and the armed men opened fire on civilians.

France has been hit again with terror as police cordon off the area.

If strict gun ownership laws prevent shootings, something went terribly wrong today in France. Sadly, the Express has just reported that hooded “gunmen have opened fire with automatic rifles, Kalashnikovs [AK], in Marseille, in south France – with one person reportedly injured.” The gruesome scene happened “not far from the cultural space known as ‘La Busserine‘” and local youths were the target.

No less than three different vehicles arrived, and from them emerged “masked individuals arrived in the city’s district of Busserine at 5 pm local time.” Police were drawn into a shootout with the criminals and the area has been cordoned off, according to, France’s ACTU17, Corse-Matin, and other local news authorities. It remains to be seen if another “mental disturbance” is to blame, a common trend in shootings when PC controlled Europe wants to hide a terrorist attack.

At this time, it is unclear if any arrests have taken place. It is known that France’s first responders, fire, and recuse, called the Marseille’s Marines-Pompiers, is at the scene.

The city has seen two of these attacks in just the last few weeks and a great many of the citizens are unarmed and unable to defend against them. They are left helpless to cower until help arrives while bullets buzz around them like flies.

The last incident went down “outside a restaurant in central Marseille,” according to reports.  A person hit was the gunfire was stuck multiple times.

The victim was merely sitting with a drink at a “snack bar,” it was reported. He was left in “serious condition” as the bullets struck his legs.

The fact is, both domestic terrorists and Islamic terrorists long to bring misery to the West, and the two groups often mix.

This is not at all alien to history, either. After all, even Hitler aligned himself with Islamic terrorists to meet his goals, even though the Third Reich was supposed to be opposed to Arabs due to what they saw as their “impure blood.”

The terrorists in their own words have promised to bring bloodshed and pain to the West, and each day, the news is alive with how they have thus far kept their vile word.

Disarming the people, however, shall never accomplish anything beyond increasing the innocent death toll, though, as France is seeing once again.