PUBLISHED: 1:10 AM 11 Jan 2017

Hollywood Star Drops Bombshell About Illegals In America, Loses Acting Career To Support Trump


Scott Biao refuses to lie about his views to keep his job.

As Hollywood praises Meryl Streep for attacking Trump with false allegations that he purposefully mocked a disabled man, there is still some hope for those in the world of entertainment. For every “Green Day” that is out there proclaiming that the sky is falling, there is an “Eagles of Death Metal” who were there when it actually did, and people like that are waking up patriots.

One of those who are clearly on the side of liberty and astuteness would be Scott Baio, who has been reportedly blackballed from Hollywood over his brave boldness for the truth. That is due to the fact of him being prone to doing things such as telling the truth about the motives behind the left’s obsession with illegal immigrants, as he did recently with Breitbart News.


Biao questions how the left would react if illegals voted for the GOP instead of the Democrats who manipulate them.

Before moving onward, it is important to really reflect on just how that works for the Democrats, because it is said a lot that open borders help the left, but the fact is never explained. Since the left sides with the open border crowd, those from other nations who just stroll in support Democrats as a means to get more family members in.

From there, the left offers social programs that on paper sound like the right and Christian thing to do, so that means that those who are illegally here dislike the GOP or Libertarians for saying that we are overloading the system. The left changed that message to, “the right is racist”, something that the right never said at all, and suddenly a leftist is born from the illegal.

Now the leftist does not even know that he or she has been manipulated. They have no idea of the civic structure of America, how America’s safety net and welfare system work, or any of those kinds of practical understanding’s of the nation’s assistance limits.

The reason is that as illegals, they never HAD to take civics or government classes or any of the classes that would lead them to be more understanding as to why the right thinks as it does. They know no more about such things than the average person reading these words would know about the nuances of life in Taiwan if they strolled into there, for example.


Those in Hollywood who support Trump often do so at great cost to their careers.

The left, as Baio points out, also issues driver’s license cards to those in the nation illegally. While this sounds like a perfectly sound idea since it is best to have some way of tracking those here as well as making sure that they understand our driving laws, the left is not doing it for any of those reasons.

The left tends to push such ideas as allowing people to vote with their driver’s license which they’ve now given to…..drum roll…those here illegally who have just been told that the right is full of bigots and KKK members.

Baio also mentions the fact that the same truth applies in regards to the Syrian refugee crisis, as well. He says that the left is interested in votes, “screw the economy”, which is something that has been stated in almost those very words in this column only days ago. He points out that if it were the other way around, with the illegal populations voting for Republicans or Libertarians, there would be “a 200-foot wall down at the border, 80-feet thick, 75-feet down.”

For this reason, Scott Baio has been all but banned from the job that he loves. He is to be respected in that the truth matters more to him than seeing his name in the next “Ghostbusters” debacle. More and more, people are standing up to the attacks that falsely say that wanting to keep immigration at manageable levels is racist. The left thinks that bankrupting the nation is going to help those who come here from other lands, but the right knows that this is foolishness.

The left thinks that protecting the rights of future immigrants to always be able to come to America is racist, but the right knows that this the not only the practical way to handle immigration, but also the kindest. That is because it may seem kind to accept say, 25 million more open border walk-ins and pretend that we are noble, but that will likely cause a collapse of the nation that will see hardship befall everyone, even the illegal. Is that kind?


Trump will make it so that more stable and productive immigration happens in the USA.

From there of course, the problem will deepen and NO ONE will be able to come in legally or not due to the collapse of the system. To do that now is to prevent future migration from those who will also want to come, which is actually the more racist and foolish option.

The kindest route, the only practical route afforded us, is to as a nation understand that America has and always will welcome those who wish to come here. What America will not do is allow the nation to become so over burdened that not only can’t others come here, but we as a nation dwindle in life quality, too.

There is nothing noble about a sinking ship that has taken in many to try and save one more if it is known that one more will sink everyone. That is not kind, that is not “unracist” and that is not something that anyone who really loves the nation would ever want to see. Maybe that is the real issue; most of the left does NOT love America at all. They love Marxism, they love marching in the streets to see capitalism perish, and they want to see the races battle each other by encouraging things such as the “white privilege” lie.

Perhaps the problem is not that the left does not know what it is doing by supporting open borders but terrifyingly…maybe it does.